Can Bad SMP Be Undone?

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While there are methods to address a bad SMP procedure, "undoing" it completely can be challenging. Since scalp micropigmentation is a permanent procedure, removal can be difficult. But there are ways that might help.

SMP performed by an unskilled tattoo artist is more likely to look unnatural. Since tattoo artists are not trained to design scalp hairlines, they might end up creating one that doesn't match your facial features. An experienced SMP technician is skilled enough to create a natural-looking hairline based on individual characteristics.

Besides, another way SMP goes wrong is the choice of incorrect pigment color. Remember, mismatched pigment can make the results look artificial and unrealistic.

Patchy or uneven pigmentation can create an unfinished and unattractive look. An experienced technician with steady hands and experience can apply pigment consistently.

Unfortunately, inexperienced practitioners are not aware of tattoo depth and end up going deeper with SMP needles. As a result, clients may experience scarring or discolored patches.

How To Remove SMP

1. Fading Techniques:

Natural Fading: SMP pigments fade over time, typically within 2-5 years. The rate depends on different factors, such as skin type, pigment quality, sun exposure, aftercare, and lifestyle.

Sun Exposure: Moderate, controlled sun exposure can accelerate fading. However, caution is crucial as excessive sun exposure damages skin and carries skin cancer risks.

Saline Removal: A newer technique involves injecting saline solution to break down pigment particles and promote fading. Multiple sessions are often needed for noticeable results.

2. Laser Removal:

Targeted Removal: Lasers can selectively target and break down SMP pigment particles, potentially removing them faster than natural fading.

But multiple sessions are required, and it's crucial to seek a skilled laser practitioner with experience in SMP removal to minimize risks of scarring or pigmentary changes.

3. Corrective SMP:

Camouflage: If removal isn't feasible, an experienced SMP practitioner can use corrective techniques to blend, adjust, or cover up unwanted pigment to improve the appearance.

Color Correction: This involves using strategically placed pigments to neutralize unwanted colors or blend them more naturally. There are various products on the market that promise to take care of SMP removal. Color correction kit is one such crucial addition to your SMP kit if you wish to provide a memorable experience for clients.

Design Adjustments: Reshaping hairlines or density patterns can enhance visual balance and minimize the appearance of errors.

Important Considerations:

Complete Removal Challenges: SMP pigments are often implanted at a shallow depth than traditional tattoo inks. Darker pigments are therefore tough to remove.

Individual Results Vary: Skin type, pigment quality, and depth of implantation significantly impact the success of removal or correction methods.

How Can Complexion Correction Help?

Complexion correction is designed to even out skin tone, address imperfections, and improve the overall appearance of complexion. This kit aims to address various skin concerns like age spots, scars, hyperpigmentation, and even bad tattoos. It uses a 10-drop mixing guide to create custom skin tones for permanent makeup needs.

The product effectively targets hyperpigmentation, scars, age spots, bad tattoos, bad SMP, varicose veins, and vitiligo. It comes with a 10-drop guide to match different skin tones. Scalp practitioners find it easy to apply with any tattoo/permanent makeup machine.

Complexion Correction aims to match all skin tones, pigment stays on skin surface.

Place an order for Complexion Correction kit on DermMicro website today.

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