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About the DermiMatch Team:



After initially coming up with the concept of pigmenting the scalp to give the impression of more hair on the head, Garrett Duell set out to improve upon this goal to make the process something more than simply what the tattoo and PMU industries were doing.  From the first of their kind products such as the first SMP Pen (the DermiMatch pen) and the advanced chemistry involved in creating DermiMatch's Zero Shine, the staff at DermiMatch Products continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the world of Scalp Micropigmentation:



Jason Coleson:

"From 2012 to 2018, I was an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Georgia College and State University.  Prior to that, I was a manager in cosmetics manufacturing before I became a professor.  I found my passion for working on new innovative products was too strong for me to stay in an academic environment.  I am now proud to say that I feel fulfilled developing new technologies and testing new products here at DermiMatch Products LLC."



Grant Edinberg

"When I was employed at Merche & Co, I developed, processed & characterized powder materials structure & functionality to improve synthesis pathways.  My past experience helps me greatly when innovating and pushing the boundaries of skin science here at DermiMatch Products."



Jennifer Lavan

"Having recently graduated from the University of Arizona,  I was hired at DermiMatch Products after having done a 6 month internship.  After my internship was complete, I immediately went to work on improving the DermiMatch Zero Shine product.  We have continually improved upon this product and I continue to work with the DermiMatch team to expand into improvements and existing product line and adding new innovations for the future of skin tech."



Rashmani Ahuja

"My former employment was as a toxicology consultant at Henkel in Düsseldorf, Germany was a great first job experience and helped me get my feet wet after graduating.  I had always wanted to live and work in the US.  Through connections I made at Henkel, I was hired to do similar work for Johnson & Johnson in their non-toxic child friendly chemical compounds division.  DermiMatch may seem a bit of a change from these environments, but the science of taking chemicals that are safe for humans from a toxicity stand point and making them work with the DermiMatch products is actually very familiar to me and I feel very fulfilled bringing my expertise to the DermiMatch team."




About the DermiMatch SMP Services:

The DermiMatch Hair Solution - A cut above the rest.

scalp micropigmentation arizona

There are many companies trying to achieve the natural look and feel of the patent pending DermiMatch Hair Follicles, but none have come close.  Utilizing various needle clusters, depths, density, and color matching techniques, DermiMatch Hair Follicles give the appearance of real natural stubble using actual keratin protein in the pigments themselves.  Many companies throw around phrases like scalp micropigmentation (SMP), 3D SMP, or tricopigmentation.  The fact of the matter is that they are all trying to replicate the realistic solution that DermiMatch provides with our patented DermiMatch Hair Follicle solution.


Scalp Micropigmentation Training can be accomplished through working on clients with thinning hair and repeat practice following our tutorials on YouTube.