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Leader in Innovation

Since the inception of DermiMatch, owner, Garrett Duell, has been been pushing the boundaries of what is possible technologically and biologically.  Surrounding himself with the best of talent from the bioengineering and chemical engineering fields, Garrett and his team have produced the top performing needles and pigments in not only the Scalp Micropimentation industry, but the tattooing and permanent makeup world as well.  

DermiMatch firsts:

  • 1st Scalp Micropigmentation pen available on the market back when people were still using tattoo guns.
  • 1st video produced detailing the scalp micropigmention process in its entirety. (as seen on YouTube) 
  • 1st SMP specific needles on the market
  • 1st to produce a waterproof 24 hour shine removal mattifying product (Zero Shine)
  • 1st to introduce the concept of warm tones use for SMP pigments and inks, while every other company was still watering down their black tattoo ink in an attempt to match client hair color and density
  • 1st and only to create the world's only PERMANENT SMP and tattooing product in existence.  DermiMatch's Forever Pigment does not blur/migrate and cannot be removed with laser tattoo removal machines.
  • 1st to create a method for previewing what a scalp with SMP would look like before actually getting the procedure done (Scalp Preview).

Be a part of the DermiMatch team by purchasing our products and improving the lives of those suffering from hair loss by using only the most advanced scalp products on the market today.