Can You Remove Bad SMP

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Can you remove SMP? Some people wonder if scalp micropigmentation is permanent while others ponder if the pigment can be removed later. Well, if you are wondering “Can you undo scalp micropigmentation, then the answer is: Yes. Now the next question is: How can I lighten my SMP? Before answering the question, let’s explore the reasons as to why people want to remove the pigment. One reason could be that you did not get expected results for hair loss. Another could be that you are bored of the same look and want to change your hairstyle. Luckily, there are ways to remove bad SMP too.


No doubt, SMP is a permanent solution to hair loss, a receding hairline, pattern baldness, or thinning hair. You should not attempt the procedure if you are already thinking of removing it later. The life-changing procedure gives you a look you have always desired. If you choose the right scalp technician, there is no reason you would want to undo SMP later. But if you are caught in wrong hands, you may end up with a botched procedure. Ultimately, you may want to get rid of bad SMP.

There are three options to remove SMP –

  • Saline removal
  • Laser removal
  • Spot removal


Step out in the sun to fade the scalp pigment. That’s the easiest way out there to get rid of a bad scalp micropigmentation. But this may not be the right fix for a botched procedure. For that, you may need laser removal. Usually it takes one session of laser treatment to remove SMP, though a second session may be needed to complete the process. Sadly, if this is a bad scalp micropigmentation, then it might be harder to remove. When you choose the wrong scalp artist, there is a high risk of getting a botched procedure where the pigment is deposited deeper into the skin, making it tougher to remove.

Saline treatments

The treatment involves using a saline paste to irritate the scalp. In doing so, you are agitating the scalp. As a result, the pigment rises to the surface and it can be easily wiped off. While saline removal has a lot of potential in permanent makeup removal, including removal of eyebrows and eyeliner, it works best for a smaller area.

Spot remover

DermMicro spot remover removes large unwanted follicle points. It softens a hard hairline cosmetically created using scalp micropigmentation. You need to work with the right needles for the product to work efficiently.

There is no risk of hypo or hyperpigmentation, unlike a laser treatment. The product is safe for all clients with dark skin tones.

If you are waiting to try out painless SMP removal, get your hands on the spot remover today. Each of DermMicro products is backed by years of perfecting scalp micropigmentation.

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