Does Micropigmentation Work on Scars?

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If you are seriously considering micropigmentation for scars, then you will be delighted to find that SMP works in scar concealment. SMP for scars is the simplest and most cost-effective treatment for scar camouflage. Anyone with hair transplant scars or injury scars on the scalp can find relief with scalp micropigmentation. The procedure can solve a big scar problem hassle free.

How SMP for Scars Work?

Usually scars heal on their own, though they may take a few weeks to a couple of months. However, it may vary from person to person, depending on your body and medical condition. For a diabetic, scars may take a long time to heal. What’s more, not all types of scars go away. In that case, they become unsightly and you may want to get rid of them.

But can you undergo another surgical procedure to remove scars?

Of course not! Who would want to bear the same pain of going under the knife? Is there a guarantee that the new procedure may not leave scars?

So the safest way out here is scar concealment with scalp micropigmentation.

When disguising scalp scars is priority for you, it might be a good idea to choose scalp micropigmentation. The scar camouflage procedure will help cover scars effectively so that they are literally undetectable by the eye.

Scarring can impact your confidence in your personality. SMP can help conceal all types of scars, including trauma scars, injury scars, and FUE, FUT transplant scars.

More and more people choose SMP for scar camouflage to help them regain their self-confidence in their looks and personality.

Does SMP work on scars?

SMP is a non-surgical procedure to camouflage scalp defects, which may be extreme hair loss, balding, pattern baldness, hair thinning, or a receding hairline. What’s more, it goes a step further in concealing tough and unsightly scars as well.

Will SMP damage existing hair?

People often have concerns about scalp micropigmentation and wonder if it could damage existing hair. However, in the case of SMP, the procedure does not go too deep to damage natural hair follicles. It only goes one level deep into the dermis layer. At this level, scalp pigment remains safe and unaffected. What’s more, there is not a lot of blood loss either.

The best thing about SMP is that it uses microneedles that do not cause pain, making it a comfortable and smooth experience for clients.

Anyone with head scars from a hair transplant can get relief with scalp micropigmentation.

The best type of pigment for scars is especially formulated to work on tough and unsightly scars. Not all SMP pigments will work the same way as scar pigment.

Where to get scar pigment?

DermMicro has come up with its revolutionary product to conceal scars. When other pigments are not as effective on scars, Scar Pigment has a longer staying power in scars, which are notorious for rejecting inks. When you are dealing with scars and looking for effective scar concealment options, look no further than Scar Pigment. 

The new revolutionary formula is available on DM website for order. Get it today!


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