Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work for Scars?

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Scalp micropigmentation is one of the most effective techniques to camouflage scalp problems. This includes scars as well. Scars look bad and unsightly and you want to get rid of them. A scar might be the result of an accident, a hair transplant, or an injury. Let’s talk a little about how scars form. We will also find how SMP is a solution for scars.

The Thing About Scar Tissue

Scars are the result of the immune system’s functioning to heal an injury. Scar tissue may vary from one person to another. It depends on the overall health of the individual. While for some people, a scar may look smooth and white. But for others, a scar could look like a thick red bump. The most common type of scars that clients seek help for at an SMP clinic include hair transplant scars. But that does not mean SMP is not meant for other scars. Scalp micropigmentation can effectively cover all types of scars.

Does SMP Work on Scars?

Scarring can affect your personality as well as self-confidence. Although SMP was not developed as a scar camouflage procedure, it is the safest and simplest ways to fix scars to the extent that they become undetectable by naked eyes. Laser scalp micropigmentation is the most commonly used procedures to remove scars. It is a fast, safe, and effective procedure that does not leave any scarring.

How old should your Scar be for SMP?

Unless your scar is 6 months old, you should avoid scalp micropigmentation. Sometimes going for SMP too early when the scar is fresh can affect the natural healing process. For better results, wait for the scar to “flatten out” before applying the ink to ensure that it does not fade or migrate.

Some scars are a little more difficult to camouflage than others, especially if they are bumpy and have a lot of texture. In that case, they may swell up and become irritated immediately after scalp micropigmentation.

But not all SMP pigments work on scars. Some scars are really tough and unsightly and do not go away easily. A majority of SMP clinics prefer implanting the normal scalp micropigmentation ink into the scar to create the look of real hair follicles. But scars are scars and need a little extra effort and product to reduce their appearance. Normal scalp ink might not be the best solution. So what is the way out here?

For surgical scars in people with longer hair, scalp micropigmentation provides density cover to camouflage the bareness of the scar. The goal here is to conceal the scar. However, as the scar tissue is thick and does not react to pigments in the way a normal scalp does, scar removal requires specialized needles and pigment.

While a client going for normal SMP may need only 2-3 sessions, one with a surgical scar camouflage may need to undergo extra sessions. The reason is that the scalp artist will need to work on both sides of the scar to achieve a well-blended natural look.

What pigment is best for scars?

DermMicro has come up with specialized scar pigment with a longer staying power than the normal SMP ink. The reason is simple. Scars are tough and have a long staying power. They are notorious for rejecting ink. That means normal SMP pigment might not be a potent weapon for scar camouflage. But the new scar removal formula promises to stay in the scar areas for longer. Additionally, DM claims that the product requires fewer sessions because their pigment uses the new tightly packed 60 micron particle formula, which ensures durability of the color. As a result, the pigment stays denser, darker for a lifetime without fading, discoloration, or migration.

The needle required for scar covering might be a little thicker than a normal SMP procedure because of thick scar skin that can push pigment out easily.

If a scar has become an eyesore for long, you may want to get rid of it with scar pigment. Go for the best quality pigments that work. Order scar pigment on DM website today.

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