Does SMP After 5 Years Fade?

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How long does SMP stay? Does it fade after 5 years? SMP ink may fade slightly after 5 years, especially if the quality of the pigment is not good. Depending on the pigment quality, scalp micropigmentation stays good for years, requiring a few touch-ups to stay good. Additionally, the client’s exposure to solar radiation and skin type may also contribute to the fading of the ink. All in all, when you use high-quality pigments, there is a less risk of fading and the treatment is more likely to stay good for a long time.

How long does scalp SMP last?

When a client visits you for scalp micropigmentation, they have dreams about their SMP look. Upset with hair loss, they seek out a more permanent solution to their scalp woes. High-quality SMP pigment and proper aftercare are crucial to prevent ink from fading and ensuring the longevity of the hair loss treatment.

Even if you use high-quality pigments, the human body sees them as foreign material. When that happens, the immune system becomes activated and starts to focus on their elimination. As a result, it attacks the pigment molecules deposited into the skin. Such action breaks them gradually and extract them from the body. Not all pigment molecules break at the same rate and speed.

Some may break down faster than others, while others remain in the skin for long. The remaining pigment molecules gradually start fading and become less visible.

This process is natural and happens with everyone. Besides, the constant renewal of the skin ensures that the surface layer is replaced. Eventually, a tiny portion of the cells with the pigment sheds off.

After the 5-year mark, it is best to refresh the pigment again. When the best quality pigment has been used, the result may still look relatively good even after a span of 5 years.

Aftercare matters too

When clients visit you for scalp micropigmentation, raise their awareness about the importance of SMP aftercare. Exposure to sunlight is something that they must avoid at any cost. The UV rays present in the sunlight accelerate the process of fading, especially at the top of the scalp, which is directly exposed to UV rays.

Advise clients to avoid using chemical and harsh products to prevent ink fading.

What type of SMP Ink is the Best?

When it comes to scalp micropigmentation ink, you want to choose HD pigments that stay for a long time without fading or discoloration. DermMicro pigments come in three shades and are meant for specific skin colors. That makes your job of choosing the ink easier. For example, there is Pigment HD-C or Caucasian, which is meant for red, blonde, or brown hair.

You may choose Pigment HD-M for clients from Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Native American, or Spanish Italian Greek ethnicities. For your African, Black, and Indian clients, Pigment HD-B should perfectly match their skin tone.

Additionally, DM HD pigments require no dilution, unlike all other scalp micropigmentation inks out there. This is the absolute best SMP pigment, which is perfected by DermiMatch Hair Clinic that combines a fibrous structural protein, known as Keratin. It also uses organic pigments for that natural look of hair stubble. DM pigments are guaranteed not to migrate, blur, or change color.

Place your order for DM ink on the DermMicro website.

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