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Does SMP Fade In the Sun?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

If you have undergone scalp micropigmentation, it is crucial to include sunscreen in your skin and scalp care regime. Sunlight poses the biggest threat to scalp micropigmentation. UV rays can affect the effectiveness of SMP pigment and cause it to fade and break down its molecules.

But it is easy to protect your scalp from harmful sun rays with an effective sunblock with at least SPF 30 (sun protection factor).

UV rays can harm the pigment even on cloudy days so adequate protection is needed to safeguard your scalp micropigmentation ink from fading. Use a sunscreen with SPF of 30 or more, which will block 97-98% of the harmful radiation.

It is essential not to use lotions containing alcohol, which can cause excessive skin dryness.

How Can UV Rays Affect Your Scalp?

Although UV rays are only a very small portion of the sun’s rays, they can be extremely damaging to the skin. If you have undergone scalp micropigmentation, the solar rays can damage the scalp as well as the pigment. It’s essential to apply sunscreen after SMP. After the treatment, customers are advised to avoid creams or lotions for 4 days as part of their SMP aftercare. After the scalp has healed, you can slather a layer of sunscreen to protect the skin and the pigment. This is true for days when you wish to hit the pool or go to the gym or spend some time on the beach.

What sunscreen products are best for SMP

Look for products with a high sun protection factor. Anything less than an SPF of 30 is not recommended. Better still, it might help to protect your treatment with hydrating sunscreens to moisturize the scalp and keep it in good condition.

What’s more, when you search good moisturizers that come with SPF protection, look for one that has mattifying effects. What is the need for mattifiers? After scalp micropigmentation, your scalp can still wear a glossy look as there are little hair. When you step out in the sun, your scalp is likely to shine.

If you do not want your scalp to shine, wearing a mattifying moisturizer is the best alternative. It is here that you can invest in Zero Shine from DermMicro.

The anti-shine moisturizer is designed to effectively protect your scalp from UV radiation. Besides, it mattifies the scalp and gets rid of the shine.

A good mattifying moisturizer does not clog pores nor does it wear off easily. Zero Shine stays on and on for 24-36 hours and is waterproof, which means it does not wear off in the sun.

Where to buy Zero Shine?

If you want to invest in a good mattifier that works as a sunscreen as well, you can buy Zero Shine on DM store. Get rid of your scalp shine easily and walk with confidence.

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