Does SMP Hurt?

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The first question that comes to your mind when you think of SMP is: Is scalp micropigmentation painful? Some wonder if they can feel micropigmentation when the scalp artist is working on their scalps. Well, in simple words, everyone’s pain threshold is different. That means someone might feel slight pain when others might only experience a little discomfort. A little discomfort is natural but that does not mean the procedure is painful. Since it involves the insertion of micro needles into the scalp multiple times, the pain is often marginal.

But this discomfort is nothing compared with the pain and hurt one experiences during and after a hair transplant. Not to forget the long recovery period and the transplant scars. Although SMP is minimally invasive, the scalp is red afterwards and needs some healing time. However, there are clients who cannot stand any discomfort during the procedure, let alone pain. For such clients, there are ways to reduce SMP pain. DermMicro has come up with a potent product that a scalp artist can use to numb the area and ensure a completely pain-free experience.

What Does Micropigmentation Feel Like?

Certain parts of your scalp are more sensitive than others. As a result, they may hurt a little more. Especially, the frontal hairline and temples are more sensitive. Additionally, indented scars hurt more while some do not have any sensation. All in all, SMP pain is not as excruciating as surgical or invasive procedures. It is bearable and not hurting.

Ideally, during the first hour of the session, you may feel mild discomfort and low level of pain. The duration of treatment depends on the area that requires micropigmentation.

Ways To Reduce the Pain

Stay calm

A cam undisturbed mind is in a better position to bear pain. While stress can be extremely painful, a stress-free mind provides a therapeutic effect, which reduces the painful experience as more endorphins or calming hormones are released.

Laid-back clients have an easier time as SMP is underway. On the other hand, those who panic and feel stressed are more likely to experience discomfort and pain. So take it easy and choose only the best SMP practitioners for the job to make it a memorable experience.

Avoid painkillers

Although painkillers can be helpful, they do have some side effects. It is best to avoid any pain medications as there is a risk of blood thinning, which may cause slightly more bleeding than normal. Bleeding in excess could cause the flushing of pigment from the scalp.

All in all, SMP pain depends on:

  • Your pain threshold
  • Your state of mind
  • Size of dots
  • Duration
  • Location of SMP

Do Numbing creams work on SMP Pain?

Numbing solutions make the whole SMP experience comfortable and painless for the client, especially those with sensitive skin. DermMicro numbing cream makes the process hassle free and comfortable. The cream uses benzocaine derivative along with other ingredients that guarantee client comfort.

If you are looking to invest in a solution that makes the whole scalp micropigmentation experience comfortable for the client, go for DM numbing cream. Order it on the DM website.

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