Does SMP Look Better on Dark Skin?

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Scalp Micropigmentation is the procedure of making hair tattoos that create the appearance of a head full of minute hair. The idea is to create the look of a stubble or freshly shaved head, which reduces the visibility of scalp. So is SMP a solution for those with dark skin? Let’s explore this further.

How Does SMP Look on Dark Skin Tones?

Everyone can get SMP done. The color of scalp and hair determine the color of dots and create a natural look.

The procedure involves the use of tiny needles to create inked dots that mimic natural hair follicles and create a natural look.

People with a dark or brownish skin tone have larger hair follicles compared to those with a lighter skin tone. The latter will, therefore, need less pigmentation and strokes for covering the scalp. On the other hand, a dark person will need relatively more ink.

Which Pigment Shade Will Suit Dark Skin?

Tattoos of different colors are visible on different skin tones. SMP involves the process of inking the scalp to make your follicles look darker. Pigments used for scalp micropigmentation are available in a range of shades for people of all skin tones.

For example, DermMicro has especially come up with specific colors for people of a particular skin tone to recreate the look of natural hair in place of lost hair strands.

DM makes it easy to choose a pigment color matching the color of a specific ethnicity.

People with darker skin will need a bolder hairline for a natural look. To do so, scalp practitioners draw large hair follicles that create a sharper tone.

To create a more defined appearance, it is crucial to use darker shades. You can determine the number of sessions required to create a realistic look, depending on the client’s hairline, preferences, and complexity of choice.

Go for bolder, stronger pigment for a dark skin, whereas smaller hair follicles are ideal for people with a lighter shade.

Does SMP Pigment Fade?

SMP creates a permanent look that looks natural and lasts more than 4 years. However, small dots on lighter-skinned people may fade away after a certain time unless the treatment uses the best-quality pigments.

The treatment may last relatively longer in darker people as they require a more defined style and hairline. Someone with a dark skin color may be better able to maintain the look than those with a lighter tone.

What’s so special about DM Pigments?

DM pigments are specially crafted to create the perfect look for any skin tone and hair color. These are the right choice for density work for men and women and help add texture, depth, realism, and detail to the scalp.

DM pigments are formulated to last longer. They are optimized for any hair color and skin tone and to create natural results.

The right choice for a lighter skin tone is Pigment HD-C. people with blonde/brown hair can happily flaunt Pigment HD-C. For dark hair people with a medium tone, DM has come up with Pigment HD-M. DermMicro recommends Pigment HD-B for people with dark skin tone and hair color. Those with thinning hair may find HD-B pigment as the right choice.

If you are interested in adding the best SMP pigments in your scalp micropigmentation kitty, place your order for DM pigments now.

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