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Does SMP Look Fake?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Although scalp micropigmentation is considered a permanent solution to hair loss, it does have a lifespan and requires a few touchups. SMP stays for four years or longer until a touch-up is needed to revive the treatment. However, the results depend a lot on the skill of the artist, pigments used in scalp micropigmentation. Quality pigments are permanent. They are formulated with organic ingredients and resist fading. SMP ink is not the same as tattoo ink.

How does SMP look after 5 years?

SMP dots may fade slightly after a period of 4-5 years. again, the quality of the pigment is a gamechanger. It also depends on individual skin type and scalp aftercare. The need of the hour is to prevent exposure to UV radiation.

Can SMP Go Wrong?

Scalp practitioners are trained in scalp micropigmentation, which is different from body art. Unqualified technicians or tattoo artists are not the best persons for SMP job. They are not aware of the correct depth for the procedure and may perform incorrect applications at the wrong depth. SMP does not have to go too deep nor stay on top. It is implanted in the second skin layer to prevent ink migration or discoloration.  

Right skills combined with top-quality pigments can help bring dream results for clients.

Do SMP dots get smaller?

Well, scalp micropigmentation is a specialized procedure that requires special type of needles. Since the procedure is all about creating tiny holes that look like follicles, SMP uses specialized micro needles that create dots of the size of hair follicles so they look natural. Any tattoo artist performing scalp micropigmentation might use tattoo needles that are bigger than SMP needles and pen and might end up with unrealistic results that look fake.

While SMP needles come in various size, the most common size ranges from 0.15 to 0.25 mm. remember, human hair ranges from 0.06mm to 0.12mm.

Using needles larger than this may cause skin damage and create fake results.

The size of SMP needles is crucial part of scalp micropigmentation. Fine diameter, tip configuration are crucial to placing precise pigments that mimic hair follicles, ultimately creating natural-looking results.

SMP needles are finer than grains of salt, ballpoint pens, and FUE hair transplant needles. Given the meticulous nature of scalp micropigmentation procedures, the size of needles matters a lot in creating a successful outcome. No doubt, the artist’s knowledge and skills must be top-notch too to get desired results.

SMP is an innovative hair loss solution that involves using specially designed needles to create the desired outcome.

Where To Get the Best Needles for SMP?

If you are looking for top-quality SMP tools and resources, the best place is DermMicro website. The DermMicro High Density Series Needles are the best in the business compared with other similar solutions on the market.  DermMicro has introduced many improvements to the cartridge system to ensure a superior experience for the client as well as the SMP practitioner. 

All DM HD pigments are packed with the highest particle per millimeter to create finer impressions safely without too much blood loss during the procedure. Besides, the angled tip helps prevent ink wastage since it is designed to work with the flow properties of the DM ink.

Interested in buying DM needles?

Place your order on DermMicro website.

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