Does SMP Reduce Shine?

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Scalp micropigmentation adds a textured look to the scalp. That means the scalp does not shine immediately after the procedure but the shine returns after a wet shave, especially if the scalp is bald. So does SMP make your head shiny? Well, no, SMP does not make the scalp shiny, rather, it gives a textured look. However, remember, SMP is the procedure to tattoo your scalp, which looks like natural hair follicles but it does not affect the natural shine. It shines more on a bald scalp and less on one with hair.

Does SMP Look Shiny?

Yes and no! When light reflects on a bald surface or a shaved head, it starts to shine as the scalp is smooth with no hair to add texture to it. So it is natural for the scalp to shine after a shave even when you have had scalp micropigmentation. The reason is simple – the surface is smooth and there is nothing to disrupt light.

How to Stop Scalp Shine After Scalp Micropigmentation?

Head shine after SMP is the result of a smooth scalp, bright light, and moisture. Of course, the shine is due to the natural oil production in the skin from sebaceous glands that are constantly producing oily substance, known as sebum.

Now that you cannot stop shaving your head or grooming it for a healthy scalp routine, how do you stop a shiny scalp?

Keep Stubble At A Certain Length

When you want to keep that shine away, it might help to shave with the grain and a little closer. The idea is to make the stubble look a fraction longer to offset shine.

Washing daily and exfoliating the scalp is a step in the right direction. To avoid scalp dryness, using a moisturizer will help.

Avoid these Ingredients

You do not want to put on certain products that use alcohol on your scalp. Additionally, you should also avoid any harsh chemicals or greasy lotions that will an oily, greasy residue on your scalp. Instead look for mattifying moisturizers that can keep that shine off.

What is the best Matte product?

Mattifying products are available in the form of creams and powders. But using a powder for SMP scalp is not a good idea. You don’t want to put on anything that dries your scalp. Rather, look for one that moisturizes the scalp while not adding that funky shine to it.

Additionally, you may want to try out a mattifier that blocks harmful rays without adding layers of greasy stuff on your scalp.

Now the question is: what is the best anti-shine on the market?

Well, the answer is fairly simple. Zero Shine is a revolutionary matte moisturizer from DermMicro. It is highly effective in reducing shine on SMP scalp while not clogging pores. The non-greasy mattifier comes with SPF 50+, which shields your scalp from harmful ultraviolet rays.

What’s more, Zero Shine is not easy to remove. Since it is waterproof, sweat cannot erase this stuff. It stays on your scalp for a minimum of 24 hours. What more can you ask for?

Ordering Zero Shine is easy on DermMicro website.

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