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Hate that Shining Scalp?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

While not everyone hates a shining scalp, some people do perceive it negatively. Some cultures celebrate a healthy, radiant scalp. it’s all about personal preferences and societal taboos.

Reasons behind A Shiny Scalp

Greasiness vs. Shine

Scalp shine may be misinterpreted as excessive oiliness. Some cultures often associate too much scalp oil production with a lack of hygiene. There are some people who do not find a shining head as aesthetically pleasing. Some prefer to keep the scalp matte as a shining scalp is viewed as less desirable.


A scalp may shine more on people with darker hair, making you feel more self-conscious about its visibility. Besides, some one with fine hair sees scalp shine more readily.

Scalp Issues

A shining scalp might be related to certain underlying conditions, such as dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis. While some amount of oil is normal part of the body’s processes, certain conditions might trigger the body to produce more sebum.

Sebaceous glands are present alongside follicles. If you have lost hair, that does not mean the oil-producing gland is gone too. In some people, sebaceous glands may produce more oil while in others, the oil production may be minimal, depending on your physiology.

Sebum production is meant to seal in skin moisture and prevent it from drying out. But it makes your head shine too, which is more if you have a bald head. Excess oil production often results in acne and dandruff.

While there is no hair to absorb oil in people with a bald scalp, their scalp might appear shinier.

How do I get the shine off my bald head?

Anti-shine shampoos and moisturizers can help make your scalp shine a little less. If you have undergone scalp micropigmentation, that shine might still be there.

Regular washing

Washing regularly to keep the scalp clean is a healthy way to maintain your bald head. Shampoo or cleansers can reduce excess oil on the scalp but avoid using overly drying products. You don’t want to use a wrong product to trigger more oil production.

Wipe off excess sweat

If you’re working out regularly, your bald head might appear a little extra shiny. The more you sweat, the greater the chances of head shine. Keep a towel handy to wipe off excess sweat during workouts that make your head look shiny.

Choose the right mattifier

When it comes to scalp care, you need to invest in a good moisturizer that does not make your scalp shiny. A greasy moisturizer would make a bald head shine more. Invest in an anti-shine moisturizer that keeps the scalp moisturized while reducing shine.

Zero Shine is one product that uses natural ingredients for skin care and eliminates excess oil. It seconds as a sunscreen and keeps the scalp safe in the sun. This makes it a useful scalp care tool for SMP aftercare as well. The mattifier reduces glare and shine while delivering proper nutrients to the scalp without clogging pores. It is easy to apply and stays on for 24 hours. Being waterproof, it is sweat resistant too.

So now you can enjoy your post-SMP look without worrying about that shiny head. Invest in Zero Shine now. Place your order on DermMicro website.

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