How Do I Become an SMP Artist?

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Scalp micropigmentation requires skills and training to perform the procedure. An SMP artist should have knowledge about scalp and skin health and pigmentation. Since SMP involves implanting pigment into the affected areas of the scalp, scalp artists need to undergo micropigmentation training to gain experience in the field.

Can a regular tattoo artist do micropigmentation?

The answer is a big NO. The reason is that SMP artists are trained in micropigmentation to use SMP needles, pen, and pigment skillfully to replicate hair follicles. On the other hand, you cannot expect this from a tattoo artist, who is not taught the techniques of micropigmentation. They are also unaware of the technique to use SMP needles.

Is SMP a Good Career?

SMP has grown as a solution to different types of hair loss, such as hair thinning, pattern baldness, alopecia, or a receding hairline. Not only this, SMP is an effective solution for people with scars on their scalp. Scalp micropigmentation helps conceal scars caused by a hair transplant surgery, injury, or accident. Since SMP offers a viable solution to hair loss and scalp problems, the demand for skilled SMP artists is on the rise as more individuals seek this hair camouflage treatment.

The time spent in training will set the foundation to a fulfilling SMP career. When it comes to scalp micropigmentation, clients look for someone with expertise, skills, and a history of delivering excellent results. 

The best SMP training programs teach you the skills to land yourself in a successful scalp micropigmentation career. With the right kind of training, you can gain the much-needed confidence to perform SMP and deliver results for clients who are looking for respite from their scalp problems. Comprehensive scalp training emphasizes application and practical performance than book knowledge. No doubt, theoretical knowledge is essential when it comes to scalp micropigmentation. But the role of practical training cannot be ignored. So while you are well-versed with SMP in theory, the next step is to translate your knowledge into practical performance.

Practical training is key

But you cannot start performing the procedure directly on clients, can you?

This is where you can choose DM practice head to hon your practical skills so you are confident enough to do it on clients. The DermMicro practice head comes with a foam lightweight center and a thin layer that is identical to real skin. It gives you the look and feel of performing the procedure on a real head. When you order scalp practice skin on the DM website, you will receive the following:

  • 1 Practice Head
  • 1 bottle of scalp oil
  • 1 Black & white pencil for marking hairline

The kit also includes one non-permanent marker that replicates scalp points. Since it is temporary, you can erase the points and practice again on the dummy head. The practice head is one of the best ways to gain confidence in scalp micropigmentation. You will love all the stuff it comes with. 

When it comes to opting for SMP training, you can choose DermMicro complete training guide. What’s more, ordering the guide is easy on the DM website. You may either place an order for the complete SMP training kit on DM online store or for the practice head alone.

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