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How Does Bad SMP Look Like?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Scalp Micropigmentation has truly revolutionized the world of hair loss. It is fast becoming a popular choice for men who are looking for a solution to a receding hairline, thinning hair, baldness, or even hair loss. ideally, when the best SMP professionals perform the procedure, it produces natural and undetectable results. Scalp micropigmentation helps boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of clients when a skilled practitioner does the job.

Does SMP Look Fake?

No, scalp micropigmentation does not look fake. It looks quite real and natural, especially when you choose a skilled SMP professional for the job. however, there is a risk of fake results if a tattoo artist or an unskilled practitioner performs scalp micropigmentation. Scalp micropigmentation requires skills, training, and knowledge. Without this, you cannot get natural-looking results.

Bad SMP is a Reality

Yes, SMP goes bad when performed by untrained and unskilled practitioners. A tattoo artist cannot  deliver soft, natural results, and most clients end up with unnatural, dark, and patchy results.

On the other hand, highly trained professionals use the best tools and pigments to deposit the ink into the scalp that replicates hair follicles. The end result is in the form of even unform dots with matching density and color. The result blends with the neighboring hair. You can expect a natural soft hairline.

Sadly, getting a bad SMP only adds to your trouble, which requires painful removal.

What are the reasons of bad SMP?

SMP creates the illusion of hair follicles, when performed by scalp professionals. Sadly, the result is not awesome all the time for a number of causes.

  • Unqualified technicians
  • Bad choice of equipment
  • Wrong choice of pigment
  • Wrong needle size
  • Contaminated tools
  • Bad hygiene/sanitation

Performed by a professional scalp artist, SMP seeks to be the best hair restoration treatment possible.

The Quality of Pigments and Application

Inferior quality inks created bad results that may cause discoloration or fading of the tattoo ink. The finish may look unnatural and even bleed. The placement of ink also determines the end result. Placed too deep, the ink can easily migrate, just like tattoo ink used in body art. What’s more, the ink may get discolored at a wrong depth.

Too large or small dots can create a fake look and an unnatural appearance.


No SMP professional can deny the role of hygiene in creating amazing scalp micropigmentation results. Although SMP is a non-invasive procedure, it still requires hygiene, sanitation, and care. Scalp professionals maintain high standards of hygiene to ensure a safe result. The goal is to protect themselves as well as the client.

Sterile barrier grip covers or sleeves for SMP Pen comes with disposable clear PE plastic medical sleeves. DermMicro has designed the jacket exclusively for the DM pen to ensure hygiene and a sterile environment. This helps take the SMP safety to another level and designed with a tip smaller than SMP needles.

Order these disposable pen jackets on DermMicro website to ensure a clean and hygienic scalp micropigmentation environment for clients. Cleanliness ensures safety.


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