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How Does SMP Look in the Sun?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

If you plan to do scalp micropigmentation but wonder how SMP looks in sunlight, then read on. It is advised not to walk out into the sun immediately after having your SMP. The reason is simple. There could be fading of the ink immediately after the procedure under the impact of sunlight. Anything that makes you sweat can cause slight fading. No doubt, the quality of SMP pigments determines the effectiveness of the procedure to a great extent. But there are a few SMP aftercare tips that every SMP client must follow.

How does sun impact SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is regarded as a permanent procedure that can last four-six years easily. Then you may need touch-up to revive the treatment as the hairline might look a little faded, which is quite natural. Slight fading is the result of your immune system’s reaction, which sees the ink as foreign particles. Besides, sun exposure and weather elements may contribute to the fading of SMP pigment.

If you notice faded ink, scheduling a touch-up can help.

Wondering how to prolong the effectiveness of your SMP?

As you already know sun exposure is the number #1 enemy of your SMP treatment. Exposure to sunlight can affect the pigment. It is recommended to avoid prolonged, direct exposure to sunlight for a few days after the treatment.

Wear a Hat: If you do need to step out in the sun, wear a hat so your scalp is not directly exposed to sunlight. It will help reduce the risk of sunburn. If a hat is not your thing, covering your head with a scarf or bandanna is another way to protect your pigment. 

Avoid excessive sweating. Try not to hit the saunas for at least a few days after the treatment. You may also want to stay away from steam rooms, pools, and gym as well as activities that may cause excessive sweating.

Apply Sunscreen: Sun protection is crucial to the longevity of your treatment. Before stepping out into the sun, you may want to shield your scalp from ultraviolet rays with a broad-spectrum sunscreen. Better still, use a sunscreen that has been formulated for scalp micropigmentation.  

Zero Shine is one of the best moisturizers for scalp micropigmentation, which comes with a sun shield too. It’s effective in shielding your SMP from UV rays. What’s more, Zero Shine is a moisturizer that does not leave your scalp oily nor does it clog pores. Even better, many SMP clients simply adore Zero Shine for its effectiveness in reducing scalp shine. The multi-purpose mattifier is a must-have in your SMP aftercare kit.

Avoid sun for at least 1-2 weeks after scalp micropigmentation as the skin is irritated and exposure to sunlight can result in increased irritation, redness, and sweating. This is not good for scalp micropigmentation.

Where to get Zero Shine?

Zero Shine is like a safety gear that you can wear on your scalp and walk fearlessly in the sun. It is a multi-functional product that SMP clients must keep handy to prolong their treatment and avoid shiny head problem. Zero Shine is the best anti shine for bald head.

If you are interested in Zero Shine, go for it NOW and place your order on DermMicro website.

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