How To Conceal Hair Transplant Scars?

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When looking to conceal scars, there are a few options. Wearing a hat is the easiest solution to the problem. but not everyone is comfortable wearing hats. So what’s the other option?

Go for long hair so the scar can hide behind the long tresses. But does the option work for everyone? Is it so easy to grow hair long? Na! so what next? Well, the third and most effective scar concealment solution is to choose scalp micropigmentation. Does SMP help scar camouflage?

How does SMP Work on Scars?

Scalp micropigmentation is a powerful treatment for scalp scars. The non-invasive procedure does not leave any scars since it is not invasive, unlike a hair transplant. Let’s see how scalp micropigmentation helps with scar concealment.

  • SMP can conceal scars by creating a buzz-cut appearance.
  • The procedure involves placing special pigment to conceal scars and replicate natural hair follicles.
  • Scalp micropigmentation results are long lasting. The best quality pigments do not fade or blur. Given the quality of ink, the results can last years without requiring a touch-up.
  • The procedure is safe and does not carry any risks. It does not involve anesthesia either. Unless anyone is allergic to the pigment, it does not cause any side effects. A majority of people happily flaunt their scalp micropigmentation.


How does Scalp Micropigmentation for Hair Transplant Scars Work?

Scarring can impact anyone’s appearance. On the other hand, SMP can come in handy to conceal all types of scars, including FUE, FUT scars. It is also useful in concealing trauma scars.

However, normal tattoo ink will not help with scar concealment. Additionally, HD pigments that are super effective in thinning hair, receding hairline, or pattern baldness may not be as useful for scar concealment. The reason is simple.

Since scalp scars are visible to naked eyes, they can ruin personality and self-esteem.

What’s the solution to an unsightly scar?

HD pigments are not meant for scars as scars appear as dark pigments and contrast with the natural hair and scalp color. But unsightly scars are tough and reject SMP pigment. As a result, they may not be an effective solution to the problem.

Luckily, DermMicro has come up with a special pigment that is designed to stay in even the toughest of scars. Scar pigment is formulated especially for hair transplant and other scars. Once placed into the scar tissue, it stays put and does not leave the client's skin.

According to DM, even a tattoo removal laser machine cannot get rid of scar pigment. By masking the scar with scar pigment, the former becomes invisible.

It is an amazing solution to scalp scars that does not migrate, discolor, or blur. Give your clients the happiness they deserve by helping conceal scars.

Ordering scar pigment is a hassle-free process on DermMicro website. Place your order now!

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