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How to Matte Your Bald Head and Reduce Shine

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

While some may admire a glossy scalp, excessive shine can raise cosmetic concerns and affect self-image for multiple reasons. Fortunately, the subtle illusion of scalp micropigmentation can help you get rid of that excess scalp shine.

Is a shiny head bad?

Well, the taboo associated with a bald head shine is one of the major causes why you want to reduce shine. No doubt, there are social perceptions around an extremely shining head. People may mistake it as the result of poor hygiene, health, or hair care.

Of course, the stigma is too uncomfortable to bear. Those with a shining bald head want to get rid of it.

Excess sebum production is one reason for a head that shines excessively. You may want to look for oil-free hair products. But many formulations may prove futile. A shiny scalp shines more when direct light reflects and bounces off the surface.

Losing control over scalp appearance is disheartening.

That’s where you might be tempted to try out scalp micropigmentation, which creates the illusion of a fuller head.

Understanding Scalp Micropigmentation

SMP involves depositing tiny pigment dots on the scalp. The scalp artist uses a specialized handheld device with tiny needles to implant organic pigments into the scalp to replicate the look of thousands of cropped hair follicles. So does that help you get rid of a shiny head?

Well, no, SMP is not a foolproof solution to reduce scalp shine. The scalp may not shine under normal conditions, but it starts to shine as soon as light reflects off its surface.

Tips to reduce scalp shine

  1. Clarifying shampoos might help deep clean the scalp and remove product buildup and excess oil. It might help minimize production of oil and reduce shine.
  2. Apply mattifying powders might be a good idea. These anti-shine powders are formulated to soak up excess oil and reduce shine.
  3. Some hair styling products, such as gels, mousses, and texturizing sprays, are known to create matte finishes. Look for products that don’t leave behind oily residue.
  4. Exfoliate regularly with scalp scrubs to remove dead skin cells and oil buildup. This helps clean your scalp, leaving a clean, matte base.
  5. Frequent hot ironing might stimulate oil glands to produce more oil. Air drying is a safer option though.
  6. Limit processed cooking oils. Rather, you may want to supplement your diet with skin-friendly omega-3s from salmon or flaxseeds.

Zero Shine: Revolutionary Mattifier

DermMicro's Zero Shine offers a revolutionary matte scalp solution for excessive oiliness and glare. This breakthrough formula harnesses the absorption power of natural ingredients to deliver both instant and long-term shine reduction without drying out the scalp. Rather, it moisturizes the scalp as a moisturizer.

The magic lies in the smart exclusion technology that allows Zero Shine ingredients to only target excess surface sebum on the scalp. Specialized polymers gently extract oil without stripping essential moisture from within skin layers. Antiseptic tea tree oil also minimizes microbial buildup and associated odors, while other ingredients dim the shine, giving you a matte finish

DermMicro perfected the technology to deliver a product that is a moisturizer and at the same time, a mattifier too. Besides, Zero Shine comes with SPF 50+ protection, shielding your scalp from harmful UV rays.

Users report up to 72 hours of shine control and improved hair manageability. Now you no longer need to worry about greasy roots. It’s time to welcome a naturally flawless scalp with Zero Shine!

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