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How to Prevent SMP Shine?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

After scalp micropigmentation, you still have a task at hand. What’s that? Well, your everyday scalp care is crucial to maintaining SMP results and also to prevent that scalp shine. If the thought of a shiny head makes you irritated, then you surely want to maintain your scalp hygiene to remove shiny SMP scalp. Although shine is not a bad thing, you may want to get rid of it to avoid attracting eyeballs to your scalp.

Hygiene is important

Scalp care begins with washing your scalp with a mild soap to remove excess oil and keep the head clean. It might look like an oily mess unless you clean it. Now you do not want to use any harsh product that may harm your skin. Pat dry with a towel after a gentle wash.

Use an oil-free moisturizer

When you want to reduce scalp shine, an oil-free moisturizer might come in handy. Better yet, look for a mattifying moisturizer that mattifies the scalp and also prevents it from looking oily. Additionally, you do not want to dry out your skin using a harsh chemical that makes it appear rough and flaky. Therefore, a good moisturizer is an asset in an SMP scalp care kitty.

Block the Sun

Yes, you have read that right! Do not go out without a layer of SPF 30 for sun protection. However, when buying a sunblock, choose one that is oil-free. Protecting SMP from harmful solar rays is important. Besides, it can make you sweat, and the scalp could gleam like a mirror with extra oil oozing out of it.

Choose the right shaving pattern

Regular shaving will help keep your scalp micropigmentation looking fresh all the time. But there is a trick to shaving post-SMP. Now you want to shave in the direction of growth. Why? Well, the idea is to create a grainy effect that can absorb light and not reflect it like a mirror. Remember, a bald head shines more as there is no hair to absorb light.


Your scalp produces sweat to keep the body temperature normal. It also helps protect the skin from bacterial infections. Your scalp may look shinier if you hit the gym regularly or spend a lot of time working out. It is natural to sweat a lot in such circumstances. As a result, your scalp will look shinier. Now in such situations it is difficult to avoid sweat. So what is the way out? How can you reduce a shiny SMP head?

Luckily, mattifying products can come to you rescue. However, a majority of mattifiers make your skin dry. We do not want to dry out the scalp because that might affect your SMP results. in that case, it might help to look for an anti-shine solution that works as a moisturizer and sunscreen as well. There’s only one such product on the market – Zero Shine. 

Is Zero Shine Worth It?

If oily and shiny scalp is a big headache for you, then Zero Shine might be a good investment. Non-sticky, the mattifying moisturizer does not clog pores. It stays for longer and is waterproof so you can sweat it out in the gym and not worry about that shiny head showing again.

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