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How Your Hair Color is Matched With SMP

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Your hairline is receding or thinning out. This sight gives you goosebumps, so you want to find the right hair restoration treatment. Scalp micropigmentation interests you and you are hopeful it might resolve your problem. But you’re a bit concerned as to whether SMP will match with your natural hair color for satisfactory results. let’s see how scalp artists match the SMP pigment with the client’s natural hair.

Diluting the pigment

There are different techniques to ensure that the scalp micropigmentation matches with the natural hair color of the client. Scalp artists use SMP ink made of an organic carbon-based pigment. They mix distilled water to the pigment to match the desired color and tone of the client’s hair. Sometimes the SMP artist may add more water for a lighter tone for a client with light-colored hair. Contrarily, less water is required for pigment dilution for darker-colored hair.

For blonde or gray hair, scalp artists can manipulate the shade by adding less water. However, DermMicro pigments are different and do not require dilution. These are available in 3 colors, including Pigment C, Pigment M, and Pigment B, which should not be diluted.

Scalp artists that use DermMicro inks determine what would be used for a specific client based on the client's skin color as indicated by the DermMicro Color Chart. The color chart is crucial to determine the needle size for implanting the ink for each client.

It is crucial to work with a reputable scalp artist who has undergone the right SMP training and has the skills and experience to use scalp pigments. DermMicro products are touted to be the best in the scalp micropigmentation market.

SMP for Fair Hair

It is a misconception that scalp micropigmentation works only for dark-colored clients. However, the reality is that clients with fair hair can also expect the same level of results as clients with dark color. SMP looks more realistic for dark-haired clients who have denser hair follicles than those with light hair. Darker and denser follicles look larger and darker closely.

But that does not mean clients with fair skin and hair cannot expect similar results. They can also expect the most natural and indiscernible results despite their pale skin tone. However, to create the best results for fair hair clients, the expertise of SMP artist is crucial. The best scalp practitioner knows what shade to pick for each client using the Color Chart to accurately match the fair hair color.

Usually scalp artists select a light shade initially to ensure that the treatment does not look too dark in the following sessions. Another myth is that clients with fair hair are prone to experience fading quicker than dark-skinned clients.

The fact of the matter is that fading takes years. With regular touch-up sessions, a client can continue to enjoy the results of scalp micropigmentation for a long time and maintain their realistic-looking hairline.

The best scalp artist will suggest a few SMP aftercare tips to prolong the results of the hair restoration treatment, including applying a moisturizer to keep the scalp hydrated, avoiding direct exposure to the sun to prevent excessive sweating in the initial days of the treatment. This might make the treatment look blotchy. Scalp practitioners also advise against using alcohol-based products that can ruin the color.

No matter your skin and hair color, the right SMP artist has the best scalp micropigmentation pigments and color chart to match with your natural color and create the best results possible.

The Best SMP Pigment

DermMicro HD pigments are the best in the industry. There is an entire range of HD colors for scalp micropigmentation for all types of skins, dark and fair. Order the best pigments today to create awe-inspiring results for your clients.

DermMicro pigments blend a fibrous structural protein with organic pigments to create the look of natural hair stubble. It is guaranteed to stay for years, without getting blurred, discolored, or blurred. The ink does not migrate or fade.

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