Is Balding at a Young Age the End of Life?

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For a majority of men, baldness is the cruelest jokes that life can play on them. But when that does happen, you ought not to lose your self-confidence or esteem. Sadly, any balding man or woman tends to lose their self-esteem when they see those bald patches taking over their scalp. A series of denials sets in only to leave you wondering as to why did life give you such a huge shocker.

Confronting your own hair loss is tough but it’s a fact that all balding men and women must accept sooner rather than later so they can evaluate their options to address the problem.

The Options

There are plenty of hair care products these days, from hair thickening shampoos to scalp moisturizers and conditioners. You may even want to explore the option of hair oils, thickening gels, and serums. The store shelves are flooded with all such products that make tall claims. But do they actually help?

Well, none of these products can actually prevent hair fall, though some might prevent breakage. But when you have started to see those bald patches, these products will do you no good. That does not mean you should not focus on your scalp care regimen. A healthy scalp is the key to good hair and overall health.

So what is the best way to deal with pattern baldness? Do medications help?

Is there a medical treatment for balding?

There are several medications available for hair loss and balding but they are only too good to be true. The problem with hair loss is that it does not have a single cause. You cannot generalize the cause. It varies from person to person. While one person might lose hair due to hormonal imbalance, other might be a victim of pollution and environment stressors. The third might lose hair due to a health condition or treatment. Hair loss is also caused due to stress and mental illness.

So you want to make sure you understand the cause of your problem before looking for a solution.

How can I thicken my hair?

You can begin by modifying your overall health and lifestyle regime with a focus on improving scalp health. Try including biotin in your diet that can fortify your hair and provide your scalp with essential nutrients to stimulate hair growth.

However, there are no FDA-approved hair supplements to regrow hair. Hair loss is common and you should not take it to heart if you start seeing hair shedding. It happens with most men. But if your hair loss is making you feel low in self-esteem, you may want to look for hair restoration alternatives.

Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation is one such option that gives you a sense of accomplishment even when you are experiencing hair loss, baldness, receding hairline, or thinning hair. SMP is meant to hide such scalp problems under the cover of pigmented dots that mimic hair follicles. This gives an impression of a buzz-cut look.

Which is the Best SMP Pigment?

But with SMP products flooding the market, not all are touted to deliver. There are good products but there are best SMP essentials that can deliver expected results. For example, HD pigments, HD pen, and HD needles. You want to choose the best scalp micropigmentation ink that stays for longer, does not fade or discolor. DermMicro HD pigments are a class apart from the rest, thanks to their durability, quality, and staying power. They need no dilution and can effectively hide your balding patches so you can get your confidence back.

With quality SMP products around, why look for cheaper alternatives that are good for nothing? Place your order for DM pigments today.  SMP promises you a youthful look once again.

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