Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

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SMP is a relatively safer hair restoration procedure than a traditional tattoo, which is not meant for the scalp. As opposed to a tattoo, SMP uses different tools and techniques. In fact, the pigment used in SMP is quite different from that used in a tattoo procedure.

So scalp micropigmentation is a totally different procedure from a traditional tattoo. Even the method of tattoo implantation is different. In fact, the depth at which tattoo is implanted is not the same in both cases. While a scalp artist is focused on safety and sanitation, tattoo artists rarely worry about it. There is a risk of cross-contamination in a traditional tattoo. However, there are scalp practitioners who take to SMP even when they have no scalp micropigmentation experience. It is here that SMP becomes unsafe. Inexperienced or untrained scalp artists are not the right hands for the job. There are several reasons.

Can a tattoo artist perform SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation is a more technical procedure than a tattoo, as it requires accuracy of ink placement at the right level. An inexperienced SMP technician does not have any idea about the depth of placement. As a result, they end up implanting the pigment at the wrong level. That means the ink is more likely to fade or discolor due to the wrong depth.

Additionally, tattoo artists use a different quality of ink for the job. but scalp micropigmentation does not work with tattoo ink. That means you need a high-quality HD SMP pigment to do the job. it does not matter if tattoo ink fades or gets discolored. In many cases, it even migrates due to the deeper level at which the pigment is placed. However, SMP does not work with tattoo ink. It is prone to fading and migration. HD pigments are specially formulated to stay without blurring, migrating, or discoloration.

First things first, it is crucial to look for a licensed tattoo artist who holds the certification to perform scalp micropigmentation. They have the best specialized tools for the procedure. Done correctly using the right equipment, SMP heals much faster, thus reducing the chances of risk. It is the best hair restoration procedure for those with thinning hair, a receding hairline, and pattern baldness. Anyone with hair loss problem due to hormonal imbalance or diet or a medical condition can find SMP as the right way to end their scalp problems.

DM sterilized pen jackets make the whole experience of scalp micropigmentation safer. They create a sterilized environment for the procedure, which reduces the risk factor significantly.

How is scalp micropigmentation different from a traditional tattoo?

The depth of pigment implantation, the quality of ink, and the expertise of the artist differ in both cases. With SMP, there is almost no bleeding because the needle is micro size and does not go deeper. On the other hand, a tattoo needle is thicker and goes deeper, which raises the risk of bleeding.

If a tattoo artist performs SMP, the procedure will become obvious and noticeable. But this is not the case if an experienced scalp artist performs the job with the best SMP tools.

Is there no risk of infection with SMP?

Well, SMP aftercare is crucial to further reduce the risk of infection. Once you have the job done, your scalp is still healing. If it is exposed to outside elements, including sun rays or chlorinated water, the chances of risk increase.

So you don’t want to enter a pool or sauna until your scalp is healed fully. Besides, you don’t want to take the risk of going to the gym as touching your head or scratching it exposes the skin to bacterial infection.

Bottom Line

All in all, SMP is a safe procedure. However, it is important that a licensed SMP professional performs the job with the top-quality tools. Any scalp artist looking for top-quality SMP resources can find them on DM website. The best quality HD pigments, SMP aftercare, SMP needles are available at DermMicro. Order DM sterile pen jackets in DM store.

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