Is SMP Pigment Safe or Dangerous?

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Is scalp micropigmentation safe? Is SMP pigment safe? Well, if you have these questions in mind, you are at the right place. Let us explore the safety and dangers of micropigmentation. It is a non-surgical procedure that uses organic pigments for micropigmentation. The goal of SMP is to create the appearance of follicles using SMP needles and ink. But how safe are SMP tools, especially SMP pigments?

How Safe is SMP Pigment?

Thus far, scalp micropigmentation is not known to cause any side effects. There are no reports of any SMP ink effects either. However, the pigment may cause allergy in people with allergy to some of the ingredients in the ink. Although SMP pigments are organic, they may still cause allergy in some people, who might react to the colors.

Besides, you want to make sure that you choose the best SMP practitioner in Scottsdale. Tattoo artists are not trained in scalp micropigmentation and may use low-quality ink made with heavy metals. This includes lead, cobalt, chromium, arsenic, nickel, and beryllium.

They are least concerned about your health and do not hesitate to inject chemical ink into your skin. Remember, heavy metals can cause huge problems. It is always advised to choose a reputable service provider, who uses the best quality SMP pigments.


Ideally, SMP ink uses a carrier, which keeps it evenly distributed in the form of a liquid. Besides, the carrier is meant to help distribute the ink, prevent the pigment from clumping, and inhibit the growth of pathogens.

Unfortunately, some tattoo artists use pigments with dangerous carrier ingredients, including aldehyide, ethyl alcohol, and denatured alcohol.

For color, these chemical pigments use soot of petroleum products that could be carcinogenic. They have high levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that are touted to be cancerous. Colored pigments may use nickel, chromium, lead, ash, and iron oxide. Some pigments even use heat-resistant plastic, which is used in appliance parts, luggage bags, and pipe fittings.

As a consumer, it is essential for you to look for scalp artists that use plant-based pigments that are not formulated using chemical ingredients.

What about Needle Safety?

Needle is another important tool in scalp micropigmentation in addition to SMP pigments. It is essential for the scalp practitioner to use a clean, new needle for each procedure. Hygiene and sanitation are crucial to SMP safety.

In addition to this, they should use needles specially made for the procedure. The goal of scalp micropigmentation is to create dots using microneedles and fill them with SMP ink so that they mimic real follicles. It is here that microneedles alone will work. Tattoo needles are not the right choice for SMP and may create fake results that look unrealistic.

Trust DM Products

When it comes to picking SMP products for client safety, you can trust the best name in the scalp micropigmentation industry. With commitment to client safety, DermMicro has come up with top-quality, cruelty-free, plant-based products, including SMP pigment, which are safe for human use and do not cause side effects.

Place your order for DM ink today. There is a whole range of pigment colors available suited for different skin colors.

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