Is SMP Removal Possible?

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During your SMP practice, you will get to meet some clients that seek help for SMP removal. You might wonder whether it is actually possible to remove scalp micropigmentation. If you are looking for an answer, then the reply is an astounding yes. It is possible to remove SMP. Clients who are unsatisfied with their micropigmentation years after the procedure might be the ones seeking SMP removal. In some cases, clients with a bad SMP look for removal options. Some even might ask to remove SMP if they have started to feel bored of carrying the same look year after year. But it does give them a youthful look, no doubt about it!

What are SMP Removal Options?

Can you remove SMP? Yes!

One of the most common ways to remove scalp micropigmentation is laser removal procedure. It is the only option when your client wants to remove SMP after 5-10 years.  While SMP is designed to cover thinning hair, scars, and receding hairline, some clients might want to get rid of it.

Sometimes SMP might go wrong, especially the technician misjudges the patient’s hairline. As a result, they might draw pigmented dots even where the natural follicles never existed. This might result in an abnormally low or high hairline. Such clients may require a laser tattoo removal.

In some cases where clients ended up with a bad SMP, the unskilled, inexperienced technician may have wrongly applied the pigment, creating a monochromatic look around the follicles. The client’s hairline might appear as if they are wearing a helmet adhered tightly to their scalp. That looks unreal and fake and extremely bad. Clients want to get rid of their hair tattoo at any cost to look normal again.

Sometimes, clients have a change in taste and want to switch to a new look. In that case, SMP must be removed.

Done correctly, SMP is one of the most effective ways to many scalp problems. But if it does not turn out as intended, it can ruin the looks of the person. In such instances, clients seek SMP removal at any cost.

Does SMP fade away completely?

Yes, it does. There are some good spot removal products that work on bad SMP.  DermMicro has come up with Spot Remover that works on large unwanted follicle points and completely removes them. It may also be used to soften a hard hairline done in the past.

The product is available on the DM website. Place an order here.

Is SMP removal painful?

Well, when it comes to SMP laser removal, it might cause some amount of pain and discomfort for clients. It is a tough procedure and requires a few sessions to completely remove the pigment from the scalp. Trained and experienced scalp artists can do that efficiently. But for clients that do not want to opt for laser removal, there are other ways to get rid of SMP.

So how do you get rid of micro scalp pigmentation for those clients?

The Complete Skin Correcting Kit is designed to take care of a range of issues, including bad SMP, scar discoloration, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. It includes skin base and tints that can help achieve all skin colors on the spectrum. A trained SMP practitioner ensures that the color remains on the surface of the skin.

Order the kit here!

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