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Needle Types and Configurations: Mastering the SMP Toolbox

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Scalp micropigmentation relies heavily on the artist's skill but there’s something else that matters a lot. Unless a practitioner has the right tools to show their creative skills, they cannot create a desired outcome.

For any scalp micropigmentation project, needles are critical to accomplishing the best results. therefore, it is crucial to understand different needle types and configurations to empower SMP artists to personalize treatments for density, hairlines, and scar camouflage.

Needle Types

Single Needles (1RL)

These needles have a fine tip and are ideal for precise hairline detailing. They are perfect for hiding scars. You can use 1RL needles for individual follicle replication due to their minimal pigment dispersion.

Round Liners (RL)

RL needles are available in different needle counts and used for varying pigment deposition. These are quite versatile for creating density filling and creating natural hairlines. SMP practitioners prefer these for camouflaging small scars.

Magnum Shaders (MS)

These are ideal for adding texture and filling larger areas with density.  With higher needle counts, it is possible to create a softer, diffused effect.

Soft Shader Needles (S)

This variety of SMP needles comes with a curved tip so there is reduced tissue trauma and smoother pigment application. People with sensitive scalps or scars can benefit.

HD needles

Finer than RL needles, HD needles pack more pigment than any other SMP needle available. The laser cut needles carry the correct amount of pigment needed to match the precision of natural looking hair follicles.

Needle Configurations

Tightly Packed

Needles clustered together for bolder pigment deposition.


Needles arranged with tiny gaps to create a more natural softer look. These are ideal for lighter density areas.


This is the most popular needle configuration on the market, which is designed with a smooth decrease in diameter. If the purpose of SMP project is to create a gradient effect, go for tapered configuration. Most SMP artists use this for mimicking natural hair tapers at the hairline. This is the ultimate configuration for blending scar camouflage.

Choosing the Right Tool

Choosing the right needle type and configuration is crucial for achieving optimal results. The choice of SMP needle should be based on scalp condition, client preferences, hairline type, and desired effects.

DermMicro HD Needles are well-known for their high-density performance for scalp micropigmentation. It is the result of extensive testing against the products on the market. Rigorous testing ensures superior ink retention and longevity compared to other needles.

Packed with high-density pigments, DM HD needles offer several advantages, from finer dark impressions to long-lasting results, reduced bleeding risk, and minimal ink wastage.

Superior needle design delivers more pigment per follicle for precise, defined results. Thanks to their tight configuration, high-density pigments minimize skin damage and bleeding.

Angled tips optimize pigment flow, reducing overall ink usage. DM needles are highly versatile and efficiently handle longer strokes for clients with long hair.

The best thing about HD needles is the enhanced safety features that prevent cross-contamination within the handpiece.

Place your order for DermMicro HD Needles now if you prefer to deliver high-density performance, safety, and efficiency for a superior SMP experience.

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