New Scalp micropigmentation Pigment Formula

Posted by Garrett Duell on

Introducing our new and improved formula for scalp micropigmentation

(read all the way through to find out how to get a free bottle of the new pigment)

Starting July 9th 2018, all new Scalp Micropigmentation kit and SMP pigment orders will be receiving the new pigment.  This new formula was designed to improve the technician’s and the customers’ experiences in the following ways:

Darker Hair Density - Achieving darkness on scalps where the focus is on hair density (people with thinning hair) without it becoming too black, like a tattoo shading.  You will be able to get very dark, without deviating away from the client's hair color with the new DermMicro formula.

Scar Staying Power - Scars are notorious for rejecting inks and pigments, but our new formula will stay in the scar areas as well as it does in regular skin, making it so there is no need to switch to a different type of pigment when dealing with scars.

Fewer Sessions Needed - With the new tightly packed 60 micron particle formula, the color has the ability to stay more dense and rich immediately following the procedure and for the life of the pigment in the skin.

The boring details of why new pigments are better:

Tattoo Ink particles are about 1-20 microns wide, which is why they never settle in the bottle, never need to be mixed, and unfortunately, they migrate (blur in the skin)

Our old formula had particles that were about 140 microns wide, in order to prevent migration (blur) between skin cells.  Skin cells are about 30 microns wide. The particle size we achieve with the new and improved pigment formula is 60 microns wide, which makes it so that:

  1. Just like our original formula, the particles do not migrate, BUT
  2. It also allows for about 3 times more pigment particles per square millimeter - giving a richer/denser color with more immediate long-lasting results.

Our pigments have always been designed with enough warm tones to keep the color the same throughout the life of the follicle point, but with our new 60 micron particle pigments, they achieve a great richness and darkness without the kind of migration you would see with a dark tattoo ink.

How to get your free bottle:

Anyone that has ordered before July 9th, and would like to try our new formula, can request to have 1 half oz sample bottle sent to you.  In order to receive your free half oz bottle, please write to us at with the following information:

  1. The site you ordered from: Amazon, Ebay or our direct site.
  2. The order number from any one of your past orders (as reference)
  3. The pigment you would like to try (C, M or B)
  4. The name and address where we will be shipping the pigment.

It will be a costly endeavor to send out all of the pigment sample requests that we will receive, but that is how much we believe in this formula and think it will be a game changer for your business.

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