Scalp Rejuvenation: Correcting Bad SMP and Concealing Spots

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Scalp micropigmentation can be an effective solution for correcting or removing unsatisfactory or poorly executed previous scalp micropigmentation (SMP) work. It is a restorative and corrective technique for concealing unwanted spots or blemishes on the scalp.

SMP for Spot removal or concealment:

  • SMP can be used to camouflage or conceal spots, scars, birthmarks, or other unwanted blemishes on the scalp.
  • The process involves precisely implanting pigments into the scalp in a strategic manner, creating the appearance of natural hair follicles or a seamless blend with the surrounding areas.
  • The practitioner can carefully match the pigment color and density to the client's natural hair color and scalp tone, effectively concealing the spot or blemish.
  • This technique can be particularly useful for individuals who have undergone hair transplant procedures, as it can help conceal any visible scarring or uneven hairlines.


Correcting or removing bad SMP work

  A bad SMP procedure can result in unnatural and unsatisfactory appearance. In that case, scalp micropigmentation can be a corrective measure, helping correct such unpleasant experiences.

   The practitioner can carefully assess the existing pigmentation and determine the best course of action, which may involve either lightening, darkening, or entirely removing the previous pigments.

 This can be achieved through a combination of techniques, such as chemical peels, laser removal, or dermabrasion. After this, the scalp artist can perform a new scalp micropigmentation procedure.

  Any light or uneven pigments can look natural. The practitioner can apply additional pigments in a more natural and precise manner, effectively correcting the previous work.

  In some cases, a complete removal of the previous pigments may be necessary before starting anew with a fresh scalp micropigmentation application.

Is SMP Worth It?

It's important to note that correcting or removing bad SMP work can be a delicate and time-consuming process, requiring experienced and skilled practitioners. The number of sessions required will depend on the extent of the correction needed and the client's individual scalp condition.

During the consultation process, the practitioner will thoroughly evaluate the client's scalp and discuss the best course of action, considering factors, such as the existing pigmentation, desired results, and the client's preferences. Clear communication is crucial to ensure a successful outcome.

Additionally, proper aftercare instructions will be provided to the client to promote healing and maintain the longevity of the corrective scalp micropigmentation work.

DermMicro Spot Remover

This product is aimed at clients with unwanted SMP results from previous procedures, particularly those done at non-DermMicro certified clinics. It is available in a 0.5 oz bottle.

One bottle is claimed to last up to 30 scalp micropigmentation removal procedures, making it a cost-effective option for practitioners.

Complete Removal: Spot Remover is designed to fully eliminate large, undesirable pigment deposits left behind by a poor SMP job. This could be leftover pigment dots that appear unnatural or blotchy.

Hairline Softening: If a previous SMP procedure resulted in a harsh or unnatural hairline, Spot Remover can be used to soften the appearance. This might involve targeting pigment concentration in certain areas to create a more diffused and natural-looking hairline.

So if you get clients with a previous bad SMP experience, get your hands on Spot Remover to transform their outlook after scalp micropigmentation.

Place your order on DermMicro website.

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