Signs of Damaged Hair Follicles

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Damage to hair follicles is not a welcome sign. Hair growth starts under the scalp where cells form keratin at the hair root. The root sits within a hair follicle. When the hair grows, it comes out of the root and follicle, and emerges through the skin. At the base of follicles are little blood vessels that feed the hair root and helps in hair growth. Follicles are also attached to sebaceous glands, which are responsible for oil production and giving hair its shine. Although follicles are tiny, their presence is important for hair growth. Unless follicles are healthy, you cannot expect healthy hair growth.

How can I tell if follicles are damaged?

  • Dry scalp
  • Hair loss
  • Hair thinning
  • Irritation, redness

Hair loss or thinning

If your follicles are damaged, you cannot expect good hair growth. As a result, hair become weak, thin, and brittle. More breakage is the direct result of follicle damage.

Extreme dryness

If you notice hair dryness, that means the sebaceous gland is not performing optimally. Any damage to the follicle could affect the functioning of the sebaceous gland. As a result, the scalp does not produce oil and becomes dry. Other symptoms include flaky, red, and irritated scalp.

Can I fix damaged hair follicles

If follicles are damaged, it is often permanent. That means you cannot do much about hair growth since the follicles are damaged. In such circumstances, you experience hair thinning or baldness and can’t do much about it naturally. So does that mean you have to live with this all your life?

Luckily, there is a way to combat damaged hair follicles. No doubt, it is quite an upsetting situation to find that your hair follicles are damaged beyond repair. But that does not mean you have to wear a wig or hair system all the time to cover up those scalp problems.

What’s the solution?

Scalp micropigmentation is an effective hair restoration procedure to hide the problem of hair loss and baldness. The procedure is non-invasive and uses specialized tools and pigments to create tiny dots of the size of hair follicles. These dots hide follicle damage, creating the appearance of follicles. SMP or hair tattoo covers bald spots or thinning hair with the help of pigmented dots on the scalp, creating the look of a shaved head.

The best thing about the procedure is that a skilled SMP artist can hide scars, baldness, and thinning areas on the scalp, giving the illusion of a buzz-cut for those with pattern baldness.

Can the scalp artist use any tattoo ink for SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation involves using a specialized needle to deposit medical-grade pigment on the affected areas of the scalp. The scalp artist cannot use a tattoo pen for the job since the SMP dots are tiny and mimic hair follicles. This requires micro needles that go to the right depth and angle to create a natural appearance. The depth of placement matters as that ensures the stability of the ink in the skin. If the scalp technician places it too deep, there are high chances of pigment blurring, discoloration, or migration.

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