SMP for Scars, Burns

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Is scalp micropigmentation a solution for skin conditions, such as burns and scars?  Well, SMP is undoubtedly one of the best ways to conceal skin ailments, alopecia, and adulthood burns. What’s more, the procedure has the answer to scars left by hair transplant surgery. So does that mean SMP treats transplant scars and burns too? Rightly so!

How To Treat Scars With SMP

Hiding burns and similar skin conditions using SMP is quite possible. But it is no easy task unless you have the best SMP tools and pigment for the job.

On the other hand, scalp micropigmentation can achieve some remarkable concealments when applied by a skilled practitioner. Even severe scars, burns and skin complaints can be hidden very effectively indeed. With the right tools, you can create phenomenal results for clients.

While HD pigments are the real deal in scalp micropigmentation that can create awe-inspiring and long-lasting results, they do not provide the best camouflage for scars. The reason is that scars are tough and do not easily accept pigment.

So when you apply pigment into a scar, it is more likely to reject the ink, giving you a not-so-happy experience.

That means you need something specialized that works for tough, unsightly scars for a total camouflage.

When clients are unhappy with a scar on their scalp and get in touch with you for the best possible scar concealment treatment, you can depend only on specialized pigment to create the results they seek.

Scar pigment

While some scars heal on their own after months of the procedure, some are tough to get rid of. They take a lifetime to go away. When scars become unsightly and ruin a person’s personality, they seek treatment to remove these tough marks.

The most effective treatment is to conceal them using scalp micropigmentation. The procedure covers scalp scars so much so that they are no longer visible to the naked eye. SMP is one of the most effective ways to cover all types of scars, from injury scarring to transplant and trauma scars.

Since SMP is a non-surgical procedure, it is one of the favorites too for scar concealment. If you can get your hands on Scar Pigment, you can create the most effective results for clients.

What is Scar Pigment?

It is a specialized form of pigment for scar camouflage. The pigment has a longer staying power than other types of SMP ink. Scars are usually known for rejecting inks. But scar pigment settles in the scar and cannot be removed even by a tattoo removal machine.

DM claims that the pigment uses the most durable formulation that guarantees long-lasting results. The pigment stays for a lifetime without fading. What’s more, there’s no chance of fading or discoloration either.

The procedure for scar concealment may use a slightly thicker needle than scalp micropigmentation itself since the scar skin is thick.

Order Scar Pigment today on DermMicro website if your clinic receives clients who seek scar removal. There’s no looking back!

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