SMP for Women: Does SMP Damage your Follicles?

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The simple answer is no. The pigment is deposited between follicles, so there is no risk to them. Scalp micropigmentation aims to create depth and hair stubble. In doing so, the SMP needle does not interfere with follicles and penetrates about 2mm deep to implant the pigment. The best-quality SMP pigment does not affect future the follicle or future hair growth. That makes the procedure safe for women hair loss.

How is SMP done?

The procedure is primarily done in 2-3 sessions. The treatment is customizable and the SMP technician matches the color of your hair with the pigment. The aim is to achieve a 3D appearance. After the first session, the light shade is darkened to cover up thinning areas. The succeeding sessions aim to intensify the shades to complete the treatment and achieve the desired look.

A little amount of redness is normal after the session so is slight swelling, which should go away within a matter of days as the scalp heals. However, proper SMP aftercare is important to ensure lasting results.

Does scalp micropigmentation fade?

Good-quality pigments do not fade. While the procedure is touted to be healthy, regular touch-ups are a necessity to keep SMP looking fresh forever. A slight fading is natural over a period of time. Touch-ups help revive the results and restore depth and detail to the scalp.

If you don’t want SMP to fade, focus on aftercare and extend the life of your scalp micropigmentation treatment. It is in your best interest to use products like sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful UV rays.

What is SMP Aftercare?

Although the healing process is similar to that of tattoo, it is critical not to expose your scalp to direct sunlight. So it’s a good idea to choose a moisturizer or mattifier that shields the pigment from ultraviolet rays and mattifies the scalp. Besides, you want to avoid excessive sweating. Too much sweat can make the ink look uneven and blotchy.

Avoid scratching scabs to reduce the risk of infection. You don’t want to introduce bacteria to the treatment by touching the scalp with unclean hands. It could have unpleasant results. Practice good hygiene practices so you have the most natural-looking results.

SMP is a non-invasive hair restoration procedure that can address a range of scalp problems. This includes alopecia, scarring, receding hairline, and thinning hair.

SMP can even cover unsightly scars. There is a specialized scar pigment with DermMicro, which has been formulated to act tough on the toughest scars.

What makes Scar Pigment Unique?

Scar pigment is a special formulation that has been designed to stay on unsightly scars and never leave the skin.  That means once the pigment has been placed in the client's skin, it cannot be removed. In fact, the pigment is designed for scars but can be used in normal skin too. Scar pigment can be used to cover hair transplant scars or injury scars.

It’s the best pigment for scar camouflage for men and women. Order scar pigment on DermMicro website today!


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