SMP Hygiene Practices

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Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic hair restoration procedure that involves the use of needles, and it is essential to ensure the maximum level of safety and hygiene at the clinic.

Needle Usage

Although SMP uses disposable needles, hygiene is still critical to client safety and health. Needles come in a sterilized packaging and are meant for single use to prevent infection. Trusted brands give a production and expiration date to their products. The best scalp practitioners discard needles after each use so they are never reused on other clients or even on the same client in the next session.

Used needles must be discarded properly as per the standard laid down for their disposal to prevent the risk of injury or infection to anyone that accidently opens them.

Disinfecting Tattoo Wires

SMP professionals understand the importance of disinfecting the whole SMP environment, including tattoo tools and wires. They use strong antiseptic solutions to make the environment sterile and kill strong viruses.

SMP technicians are aware of the importance of using a barrier film to disinfect the power supply that they need to touch every now and then to turn it on and off. They also need to adjust the speed and tattooing strength. Therefore, proper hygiene practices must be followed to prevent the spread of germs. Electrical equipment can’t be soaked in water or alcohol. Rather, they need to be wrapped in a protective film.

Disinfecting tool stations and tattoo chairs & bed

Professional SMP clinics are particular about the best hygiene practices. They ensure that all chairs, beds, and tool stations are free from germs and bacteria. They use medical-grade disinfectants to ensure proper sanitation at the clinic. Even tattoo ink cups are sterilized before use.

Hygiene in treatment rooms

The best SMP clinics maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness in treatment rooms to prevent the spread of infection and germs. Every piece of furniture, sinks, and faucets cannot be overlooked as far as hygiene and cleanliness are concerned.

Disinfecting SMP Equipment

Every single piece of equipment or tools used in scalp micropigmentation must be safe for use on a client. The goal is to create a sterile environment. Therefore, sterile pen jackets have become integral to the process. These act as a protective barrier covering the tattoo machine to protect secretions during the procedure. If the barrier film is not wrapped around the pen, ink, lymph, or blood can easily enter the crevices.

The barrier film blocks these secretions from entering the pen. The best pen jackets are available on DermMicro website that are designed to fit snugly around the scalp micropigmentation pen. They are different from other pen covers on the market that are loose fitting and make the SMP environment less sterile and unsafe. DM has designed its disposable pen sleeves smartly with a smaller tip than that of the needle. This ensures that the sterile cover stays locked and does not move.

How to Order

If you are wondering how to order DM pen jackets, it’s pretty easy and quick to place your order on DermMicro website.

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