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Is SMP training required? Well, scalp micropigmentation is becoming a widely popular career option these days. Anyone interested in becoming a scalp artist should undergo SMP training to learn everything to shine in their career. Various SMP training courses are available to give you the skills and knowledge needed to become a scalp artist. When your goal is to become an SMP practitioner who can take on clients confidently and deliver incredible results, you ought to trust the right scalp micropigmentation course so you can become the best scalp artist.

SMP Training: What to look for

The best scalp micropigmentation training clinic is an expert in the craft and has the top SMP artists whose results speak for themselves. They are the absolute best and train students in everything, right from hygiene and sanitary practices to SMP techniques. The goal of each session is to help students learn the nitty gritty of the art so they can easily create those natural hairlines. However, apart from theoretical knowledge, students need more of practical training so they are ready to face real clients experiencing hair loss problems.

With a variety of SMP training options available, student can unravel the art and science of scalp micropigmentation using the interactive courses. Many training courses come complete with a series of training videos, text, and before/after pictures.

There’s no better way to train than use a bald practice head for scalp micropigmentation so you can place the right foot confidently in the SMP industry as an artist.

What is SMP and Why You Need a Practice Head for SMP Training

Scalp micropigmentation involves implanting thousands of pigmented hair follicles in the skin. The goal is to create an impression of a

  • shaved head
  • denser fuller head of hair
  • thicker head of hair that camouflages a scar

As an increasing number of people are finding scalp micropigmentation a better alternative to other invasive hair restoration procedures, SMP is surely a lucrative career. However, getting your training at the right institution is important, where you can learn the correct application of proper SMP treatment. Remember, poor technique and training are a recipe for disaster.

If you want to be the best scalp artist, then it is critical to learn from the masters in the industry. Apart from theoretical training, practice is important. A practice head that emulates the real human head is your best investment when it comes to practical training in scalp micropigmentation.

What is a Practice Head?

DermMicro Complete Scalp Micropigmentation Kit is the best training tool in your arsenal. While you are taking the SMP training, a practice head will come in handy to practice scalp micropigmentation before performing on real humans. 

The kit includes one practice head, scalp oil, black and white hairline marking pencils, non-permanent marker. What makes the SMP practice head a favorite with students is its foamy center, which is light in weight and comes with a thin layer of fake skin. Additionally, scalp oil makes the task of wiping away pigment and color during practice.

Practicing scalp micropigmentation cannot get easier than this. Order your Practice Head today to complete your SMP training.

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