The Art of Scalp Care After SMP

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SMP scalp care is not a new concept. It has been there since the evolution of scalp micropigmentation. However, it has only become more refined. There is no denying the fact that hair loss treatments cause some form of scalp damage to the extent that even skin health is drastically compromised.

Luckily, scalp micropigmentation has emerged as a one-stop solution to hair problems, especially for those who are happy to camouflage hair loss, receding hairline, and thinning hair. There is nobody who doesn’t want to conceal bald patches. SMP is not associated with any side effects, except redness after the procedure, which is quite natural. So scalp aftercare becomes crucial.

How To Look After Scalp Post-SMP?

Let’s admit your scalp is most vulnerable right after the SMP procedure. The outer skin layer or epidermis is a kind of protective barrier during and after the procedure. The dermis is the layer for SMP implantation.

But it is crucial to protect the outer layer after SMP when it is reforming. Using the simplest, purest, and highly effective skin restoring formulations is the safest approach to scalp care. Of course, a proper cleansing regime is part of the process too, without which, no scalp treatment can last.

Only DermMicro products are designed to cleanse and protect the scalp. The unique formulations calm and nourish the skin. Scalp aftercare kit comes with a cleanser, lotion, and moisturizer.

What’s more, the procedure creates an unparalleled illusion of follicles. However, the ONLY problem remains that of scalp shine even after scalp micropigmentation.

The scalp shines when light bounces and reflects off the skin. That necessitates the need for oil-free, matte moisturizers that are not only anti-shine formulations, but also provide superior anti-aging results.

There’s nothing toxic in DermMicro’s Zero Shine or scalp aftercare products. They are all natural formulations designed with innovation. If you are looking for an effective, stigma-free scalp care solution after SMP, trust the best products on the market.

Scalp Aftercare

Usually, following the first session, you may not spot any significant difference in the scalp as most scalp practitioners start with a lighter shade and go darker in the proceeding sessions. The treatment is all about creating microdots, which are then filled them with pigment.

However, after the session, there may be some redness on the scalp. It may last for hours after the procedure. Luckily since the procedure does not involve surgery or anesthesia, it is perfectly fine to get back to daily life. But there are a few precautions too. Avoid hitting the pool or gym.

You do not want any chlorinated water to touch your scalp nor do you want to sweat it out in the gym. Any form of excessive sweating can affect the scalp treatment results. Besides, you do not want to expose your newly treated scalp to the direct rays of the sun.

It might damage the pigment and ruin your SMP. Take extra care to stay away from the sun and shield your scalp with a sun protection formula of over 40+.

Luckily, Zero Shine is a unique formulation that not only moisturizes your scalp but also protects it from the sun, while keeping that shine at bay.  The DM scalp aftercare kit comes with a sample of the mattifier too. Try it and you will have no regrets ever!

Order the DermMicro SMP aftercare kit on DM website NOW!

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