Unlocking Confidence: A Professional's Guide to Selecting the Perfect SMP Pigment

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Taking scalp micropigmentation as a career is a right decision. In fact, it is an exciting career that is more rewarding than any other profession. As a scalp professional, you want that every detail aligns with the client’s unique features. The choice of pigment matters a lot here and can affect results.

So when it comes to choosing pigment for scalp micropigmentation, your choice can significantly affect the outcome.

How to Choose SMP Pigment

  1. Skin Undertone Assessment

The first step is to evaluate the client’s skin undertone before selecting the right pigment for them that complements their complexion. DermMicro has come up with three basic types of pigment colors designed for different skin tones.

  1. Synergy with Natural Hair Color

For those with remaining natural hair, we consider it a crucial reference point. Matching the pigment to your existing hair color creates a seamless blend and ensures a cohesive transition between the pigmented areas and your natural hair. This approach enhances the overall natural aesthetic we aim to achieve.

  1. Work with High-Quality, Specialized Pigments

Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to scalp micropigmentation. There is no looking back in SMP. So when it comes to finding the right pigment for the treatment, look no further than HD quality pigments that do not blur, migrate, or get discolored.

The pigments must be formulated as per industry standards for safety and permanence. Remember, the goal of SMP treatment is to ensure longevity and effectiveness of the results.

  1. Build-Up Gradually

The best scalp practitioners focus on going deeper with each session. The treatment starts with lighter tones and goes deeper as the treatment progresses into the next session. This helps scalp artists come up with polished results that look natural and realistic.

  1. Adaptable

The best pigment is one that remains timeless even as seasons change and despite subtle variations in the client’s skin tone. Pigment selection is a crucial part of the process of scalp micropigmentation that you cannot ignore at any cost, especially when you want to deliver the best results.

Low-Quality Pigments Carry More Risk of Reaction

If you choose poor-quality of ink, skin sensitivity can occur. Avoid pigments with cadmium or cobalt that are more likely to cause skin reactions. Rather, opt for gentler organic options. This ensures that the procedure will be smooth and the client’s experience will be awesome.

Why Choose DM HD Pigments

DermMicro HD pigments are a class apart from the other SMP inks on the market. They require no dilution while everyone else needs to be blended and diluted. This allows you to tweak the tone as you proceed into the next session and create a custom look for each client, depending on their skin color.

DM HD pigments are available for each skin tone so you never have to bother about diluting the ink for a specific skin color to create ultra realistic hair follicle dots.

Place your order for HD pigments on DermMicro store today so that you have the best quality SMP ink to deliver the best results.

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