What Happens to SMP With Age?

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Hair thinning is a part of the aging process. Let’s be clear about this reality.  It is often accompanied by bald spots, thinner, shorter strands, graying hair, and receding hairline.  But what happens to scalp micropigmentation with age?

What happens to SMP over time?

How does SMP look after years?

As the human body undergoes a change with age, SMP treatment might also experience subtle changes. Now let’s explore this further.

Scalp micropigmentation is the method to inject pigment into the scalp. The pigment is injected by experts using specialized needles designed especially for SMP. What’s more, even the pigment used for the procedure is no tattoo ink but especially formulated for scalp micropigmentation. How long will this pigment stay good depends on a few factors.

The major factor that causes fading of pigment is low-quality ink. If a client ends up finding a tattoo artist for SMP, they are more likely to experience the worst scalp micropigmentation experience. The reality is that no tattoo artist is skilled or trained in performing scalp tattoo. They may be great at body art but SMP is a different game altogether. Besides, they use low-quality tattoo ink that will not stay in the scalp for long and may get discolored easily.

Another reason for pigment fading with age could be sun exposure. Over time, exposure to the sun can cause slight fading of the SMP ink. It is therefore advised to avoid the sun as much as possible or cover your scalp to prevent direct exposure of the scalp. With regular touch-ups, you can revive your SMP pigment and ensure lasting results.

Another point of consideration with age is that while SMP remains constant when performed by experts, your natural hair will continue to experience the effects of aging. However, they may be slight fading as it ages and unless you go for touch-ups, the ink may also age slightly and match your scalp hair.

However, it depends a lot on the ink quality, skills of the artist, and SMP aftercare. Besides, scalp experts advise keeping the hair trimmed as you age. This might help ensure that the hair blend in with natural follicles left on the scalp.

How To Maximize the Benefits of SMP?

If you really want your clients to continue enjoying the benefits of scalp micropigmentation even when they get older, try investing in high-quality pigments. Low-quality ink will give low-quality results.

Top products have a long-lasting effect and are more likely to perform better than low-quality ones.

For example, DermMicro pigments have a longer staying power and require no dilution, unlike other products on the market.

What’s more, there are different categories of pigments formulated for different colors and ethnicities. That makes the task of the scalp artist fairly easy when it comes to picking a pigment for a specific skin color.

Touted to be the absolute best scalp micropigmentation pigment, DM pigments are a unique blend of organic colors and keratin that give natural color and create the impression of hair stubble. HD pigments are excellent performers and are guaranteed to stay without discoloration, migration, or blurring.

Place your order for DM pigments or other DermMicro scalp products today. They are available on the DM website.

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