What products to use for bald shiny head?

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A bald head could be your own choice or the result of pattern baldness. Some men prefer a bald scalp, which is easy to maintain. But a bald head looks shiny too. Not all men appreciate this fact. So you might be looking for products to make a bald head less shiny.


You have a shiny bald head due to the natural oil production by sebaceous glands. While natural oil is essential to healthy skin, too much of oil secretion might make your scalp shine like mirror. Ultimately it becomes a piece of attraction as it shines more. Hair follicles can create a natural barrier to scalp shine but if you are completely bald, you cannot stop shine just like that.

A good moisturizer can help check that shiny head problem. But if you chose a wrong product, you might end up producing more oil. Chemicals in the product can harm your skin, and the shine might be exacerbated as the product might clog your pores.  

A quality product, on the other hand, will keep skin hydrated for long. Always check the consistency of the moisturizer to see if it is sticky. In that case, you should avoid such a product. A good moisturizer should have the right consistency, not feel greasy or overly dry, and protect you from the sun.

Anti-shine powder

Matte powders are also formulated to hide the scalp shine. But most mattifying powders don’t address the root cause but only hide the consequences. At the end of the day, you might realize that anti-shine powders only reduce the amount of reflection on an oily skin.  


The importance of wearing a sunscreen on a bald head cannot be denied. It’s as important as protecting your face from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The skin on your scalp is quite delicate. So you want to invest in a quality sunscreen with at least SPF 30 that can shield your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Cheaper sunscreens can be quite greasy and might end up increasing the shine. A quality sunblock won’t leave an unwanted sheen but still provide great protection.

What’s the best matte moisturizer for bald head shine?

Whether you are for general bald head care or looking for a matter moisturizer that works on a shiny scalp after scalp micropigmentation, Zero Shine should be your go-to product.

You want to look after your scalp and keep it clear from excess oils. Keeping the scalp clean will prevent bacterial infection too. That means you will reduce the chances of head shine too. However, this is temporary and the shine will return. It is here that a quality mattifying product like Zero Shine works to hide that shine.

It is non-sticky and not greasy at all. What’s more, it won’t clog pores too. A tiny bit of the matte moisturizer can work wonders to cover a bald shiny head. Nobody can see that shine again. Even better, Zero Shine comes with SPF properties, which shield your skin from the dangerous rays of the sun.

So if you are looking to place an order for Zero Shine, do it now on the DermMicro website.

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