What To Look for When Choosing SMP Training Course?

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Now that you are interested to pursue scalp micropigmentation career, you might be wondering how to ensure that you get the best SMP training possible. Well, let’s explore this in detail.


Your choice of a training institute should take into consideration whether their curriculum is comprehensive. The course should provide theoretical and hands-on practice.

Instructor Experience

No matter how exhaustive the course if the instructor is not experienced, the training may be of little value. The quality of the instructor can make a huge difference in your training. When it comes to selecting a course, look for one by an experienced SMP professional with a proven track record. The instructor should have genuine interest in helping students get better at scalp micropigmentation.


You want to join SMP training course that ensures ongoing support so any doubts or issues can be resolved quickly. This should help lay the foundation to developing better understanding of SMP as a hair restoration technique.  


Its your choice whether you wish to join an online SMP training course or in-class learning. If in-class training is your first choice, look for one which is not too crowded. The smaller the size of the class, the more the chances of getting personalized attention from the instructor.

Reviews and Reputation

Find a reputable scalp micropigmentation training institute or clinic with some excellent reviews. Look for one that has a reputation for delivering the best SMP education and training.


Compare prices of different SMP training courses that you have shortlisted. But remember that the cheapest one may not be the best. In fact, even the costliest program may not be the most comprehensive. Use your best judgment to find the best SMP training course that is worth the money you are paying.

What does SMP Training Include?

  • Proper hygiene & sanitation procedures
  • Pigment types
  • How to Use scalp micropigmentation pen
  • Choosing the right size of needle
  • Ink placement and the right depth
  • Drawing Natural Hairlines
  • Best type of hypoallergenic pigments
  • Different types of scars and treatment
  • Types of hair loss and treatment
  • Workstation & equipment setup
  • Communication and consultation

SMP is fast becoming one of the most popular non-invasive hair restoration solutions. Its effectiveness in various scalp camouflage treatments has helped SMP become the first choice of clients experiencing hair loss problems. During training, a scalp trainee learns how to make the right insertions to deposit tiny pigment dots within the upper dermis, which lies just below the epidermis, to create the effect of a newly shaved head.

DermMicro scalp micropigmentation training guide is exhaustive and provides in depth knowledge for students keen to take up SMP as a career. The course is online and there are numerous resources to improve your knowledge of scalp micropigmentation so you can achieve outstanding realistic results every time.

Order your DM training kit today on DermMicro website. 

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