What's the Solution for Bad SMP?

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Yes, SMP can go wrong if you choose inexperienced hands for the hair restoration procedure. This brings bad rap for scalp micropigmentation without any fault of its own. In fact, SMP is a great hair loss solution for clients who do not want to go under the knife. Scalp micropigmentation, when done right, can seamlessly camouflage the effects of hair loss, receding hair line, pattern baldness, and thinning hair for men and women. In fact, there are ways to deal with bad SMP results too.

Repairing Bad SMP

Some tattoo artists have started offering SMP services as part of their profession without knowing the technicalities involved. When they treat the process like a tattoo, the consequences are unpleasant for the client.

A majority of clients with a bad SMP face the following problems:

  • Fading
  • Discoloration
  • Oversized deposits that look fake
  • Unnatural hairlines
  • Pigment migration
  • Poor deposit spacing

Unfortunately, with such disastrous results, clients lose their self-confidence as well as hope in scalp micropigmentation.

What if you’ve had a bad treatment?

Poor SMP often connotes poor blending and a dotty appearance. To remove a bad SMP, the best scalp artist works on removing the defective treatment. While laser removal is an option, many clients don’t want to go through the pain of a laser treatment, which is quite exhaustive and costly too.

Enter Skin Color Correction Formula

For such clients, there is the Complete Skin Correcting Kit. Apart from bad tattooing, the kit is used for scar discoloration, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. Repairing bad treatment is easy with the color correcting kit. There is a mixing guide to make the process easier.

You may use any tattoo or permanent makeup machine to pigment the skin and remove spurious pigment. However, it is important to push the needle tip to at least 1 mm under the skin surface. It renews and revamps the look, making the appearance more natural than it was before.

It is great for removing bad scalp micropigmentation spots, though skin color matching may take some time and practice to get used to. However, it is a must-have for any SMP practice as an increasing number of clients are falling in wrong hands. Once you start using it, the color correcting formulation will change many lives for the better and up your SMP game.

The unique skin color correcting formulation works on all types of rigid spots, scars, bad SMP, and skin issues. It is easy to achieve all skin colors on the skin tone spectrum.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your hands on the best complexion correction kit to help clients with various skin issues, scars, and bad SMP.

Order your kit today on the DermMicro website. It’s easy and hassle-free. Do it now before stocks are over.

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