Why is My Head Red After SMP?

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Redness after SMP is normal. You may call it a scalp micropigmentation side effect. So do you need to worry about scalp redness after the treatment? No, there isn’t much to worry about. Let’s explore the causes of redness first.

What Causes Scalp Redness?

During the procedure, the SMP technician makes numerous insertions into the skin using the top-grade microneedles to create the impression of hair follicles. The needles deposit pigment into these dots so that they mimic natural follicles. When the needle penetrates the skin, it behaves like a wound, resulting in redness as the body considers it an injury, and the immune system reacts accordingly.

During the phase of wound healing, there is slight bleeding on the perforated area. Then blood begins to clot to stop bleeding. The immune system sees the wound as an injury and causes blood to rush to the site. Its goal is to supply the site with additional nutrients and oxygen through blood. In addition, there are white blood cells that are responsible to fight off infections and repair the area. With SMP involving hundreds of insertions into the scalp, there is increased blood flow to the site, resulting in redness on the entire scalp immediately after the procedure.

How Long Does Redness Last?

The skin may remain red 3- 5 days after the session. The scalp skin begins to heal during this phase, forming new hard scab-like spots on all points of perforation. This is a good sign as the immune system is working to protect the site from germs and infection.

How to reduce redness immediately after SMP session?

If a client is restless to see the results of scalp micropigmentation and cannot wait for the redness to go away naturally, Redness Remover is a good solution to get rid of the redness. However, the redness goes away only temporarily for 10-15 minutes. But redness does disappear immediately after the application of Redness remover. This is adequate time for the client to see through the results.

Other Tips To Get Rid Of Redness

If you are uncomfortable with the redness after SMP and want to get back to everyday life, there are a few ways to keep the redness in check.

  • Apply an ice pack to relieve inflammation. However, avoid keeping it for too long as that might affect the outcome of the procedure and ruin the pigment’s absorption into the skin.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight might increase blood flow to the area.
  • Don’t take hot showers. Keep your scalp away from hot water.

Bottom Line

Redness of the scalp after the procedure is a natural process of healing. So you should not worry a lot about it. Luckily, redness doesn’t last long as the body’s natural healing is on, and the skin should heal after a couple of days.

Redness Remover is a good investment for SMP clinics to satisfy clients who want to see immediate results of the procedure. It takes care of the redness and gives them a clear insight into their new look.

One bottle will easily cover 80 heads. A little goes a long way, and thus makes a great investment for scalp micropigmentation professionals. Order your Redness Remover bottle today in DermMicro store.

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