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Why is My Scalp Glossy?

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The scalp shines because of its natural oil or sebum, which is produced by sebaceous glands. In some cases, a shiny scalp could be indicative of permanent hair loss. typically, the hair on your head cover the scalp, so you don’t find it shiny but when you experience hair loss, the head shine is clearly visible. Although scalp micropigmentation is one of the best ways to hide scalp shine with its pigmented dots that mimic hair follicles and hair growth, some factors may still make your head shine. This includes sweating and sunbathing, or a medical condition, among others.

What is Sebum

Sebum is produced by the body to prevent skin from drying out. In some people, there is excessive sebum production by sebaceous glands, resulting in an oily scalp. You might not be aware of the fact that your face and scalp have the maximum number of these oil-producing glands. The amount of sebum produced depends on a person’s hormones and genetics. The level of humidity at your location also contributes to sebum production.

The hair on your scalp make it look less oily but with hair loss, it becomes apparent as there is no hair to absorb the oil. As a result, your scalp shines.

Shiny head treatment

Keep the scalp clean

Okay, so you don’t like to see a shiny scalp. Luckily, you don’t have to live with it at least if you feel humiliated in the crowd. There are a few was to eliminate the shine. Keep your scalp clean all the time without using any overly drying chemicals. You can use an exfoliant to wash your scalp and remove dead skin cell buildup from the surface of your skin. Doing this will help make your skin appear fresh without that greasy look on the surface.

But overwashing is not recommended. It can cause your scalp to produce more oil. How? When the skin is striped of oil due to frequent washing, sebaceous glands come into action quickly to compensate for the loss. As a result, they start producing excessive oil.

Don’t Shave Too Close

When you are wondering how to get rid of shiny scalp, it is important to understand that shaving can affect the way your scalp appears. Shaving too close to the scalp might make it look shinier. So the idea is to shave against the grain and leave a short length of hair behind. A bald scalp shines more.

Try to get clippers for shaving against the grain. This will help prevent light reflection on the scalp and it will appear less glossy.

Use A Mattifying Product

One of the most effective ways to hide a shiny head is to use a mattifying product. There is a range of mattifiers available these days but you should look for one that is waterproof and stays on for a long time. You don’t want to invest in one that wears off easily, requiring you to keep slathering the product on to your scalp. Additionally, you don’t want a mattifying product that dries the scalp. Rather, look for one that moisturizes your head while reducing scalp shine.

Zero Shine is one of the best mattifying solutions available. The product is a bestseller for its long staying power. Besides, it acts as a moisturizer too so you don’t have to worry about drying your scalp when you use the mattifier. The product does not clog pores and is simple to use. The best part is it not only mattifies the skin but also shields it from the sun, thanks to its SPF 30 properties.

Invest in Zero Shine and say good-bye to your shiny head problem. Order it on DermMicro today.


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