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3-Pack HD Scalp Pigments by DermMicro (SMP ink)

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Now, all 3 premium HD DermMicro pigments in one bundle.

Pigment HD-C: for light skin and blonde/brown hair

Pigment HD-M; For medium skin tones with dark hair

Pigment HD-B: for dark skin tones and dark hair and most thinning hair.

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• The best SMP pigment (SMP ink) sold online in the USA.  -With built in warm tones to combat the blue scalps you see from SMP artists using black tattoo ink. SMP inks

• The first scalp pigment custom tailored for each client's unique skin tone and hair color.

• Time tested - The DermMicro custom pigments have been in use since 2008 at the original DermiMatch Hair Clinic in Phoenix, AZ.

• Made in the USA. No diluting. All natural ingredients. Organic colorants. Vegan friendly, Animal Cruelty Free. Temperature and Ethanol sterilized, granulated to 60 microns to prevent migration/blur. High density. 

• Refer to the DermMicro color chart for usage guidelines.

 Benefits of the new HD pigments:

Finer and darker impressions:  The HD needles have a superior taper configuration to allow the most pigment to make it into the skin per DermiMatch Follicle than any other needle on the market.  

Less Blood: Because of the unique tight configuration and the high particles per ML packed into the DM HD Pigments, the needles do not do as much damage to the skin and there for there is less blood that leaves the client's skin.

More staying power: These needles have been tested for 2 years before offering them online for the general public.  In this time period, we have seen the superior impressions and the longevity achieved.  Each DermMicro Follicle out performed all comparable tattoo needles permanent makeup needles, and even the original SMP-1 needles.  

Less ink waste: With an angled tip designed to work exclusively with the flow properties of the DermMicro HD pigments, the HD Series needles save you on total pigment usage.

Ingredients: Please write to us for the Material Data Safety Sheet.