Complexion Correction Pigments from BGCM Labs

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DermiMatch is now an official reseller of the Complexion Correction Kit from BGCM Labs! 

Before attempting to remove any scalp micropigmentation SMP previously done or done by yourself, please watch this video in full:


The Skin Color Correcting Kit includes:

• 1 Skin Base based pigment (Collagen)

1 Dermal redness pigment (tinting to color match)

1 Melanin Pigment (tinting to color match)

1 Color Mixing Guide

1 Set of pigment mixing tools (1 silicon bowl, 3 mixing sticks, 5 ink cups)

Or you can select the specific pigment you require for individual purchase.


The Complete Skin Correcting Kit can be used for a wide range of issues one's skin can face, such as: age spots, scar discoloration, hyperpigmentation, varicose veins, Vitiligo, bad tattooing (permanent makeup/smp/microblading), etc.

The included mixing guide is based on a 10 drop system.  This can be multiplied to larger amounts when making larger pigment quantities.  Pigmenting the skin can be done with any tattoo or permanent makeup machine and the needle tip should be pushed to at least 1 mm under the surface of the skin.

With this skin base and tints, all skin colors on the skin tone spectrum can be achieved and remain on the surface of the skin at the same level as the epidermis.