DM Scalp Pencils (2-pack)

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Instroducing the DermiMatch 3 in 1 Scalp marking pencils. 

Use the DM pencils to mark your client's heads for their new hairlines.  The 2-pack of pencils come in Black and White.  Both colors are made with ultra soft oil to allow for eay application and easy removal with one wipe.

Each SMP scalp marking pencil has a ruler on one side to make quick measurments a breeze.  Also included is a pencil sharpener built into the cap.


Mark the clients skin

Easily wipe away

Use ruler to measure ket points on the head

use the dual function cap to sharpen the pencil when needed.



Package includes:

1 white pencil w/ sharpener

1 black pencil w/ sharpener