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Redness Remover by DermiMatch

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1 oz bottle.  Good for at least 80 full head scalp micropigmentation jobs.
After purchasing the complete scalp micropigmentation kit by DermiMatch, and you start performing scalp micropigmentation on individuals, you will want to have DermiMatch's Redness Remover to show your clients their new look.  
  • Redness removal from skin
  • Post SMP procedure treatment
  • Allow clients to see the results immediately
  • Remove or reduce the red from the scalp skin
  • Will cover at least 80 heads before needing to be replaced.
After performing scalp micropigmentation, SMP, your client's head will be red as a result of the procedure. This unique formula helps reduce the redness of the client's head and allows them to see the results of the SMP procedure immediately. After spraying the client's scalp with the DermiMatch Redness Remover, wait 5 to 7 minutes to see the redness go away. This is temporary and will last for about 15 minutes before the redness returns. Apply healing ointment such as Aquaphor, after the redness remover has taken effect.