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Scalp Numb by DermMicro

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Choose 4 oz or 12 oz bottle.  
After purchasing the complete scalp micropigmentation kit by DermMicro, and you start performing scalp micropigmentation on individuals, you will want to have DermMicro's Numbing Cream to numb some of your clients who have more sensitive scalps..  
  • 11% benzocaine derivative, plus other ingredients to guarantee client comfort
  • 4 oz bottle scalp numbing cream, numbs the skin before SMP
  • numbs client before scalp micropigmentation
  • 45 minutes to activate on client's head
  • 4 oz Will cover about 4 heads before needing to be replaced.
Many clients that have had their scalp micropigmentation procedure done through a clinic that is not DermMicro certified have gone through a lot of pain. Don't let your clinic be remembered in such a negative way. DermMicro numbing cream makes the process of scalp micropigmentation a comfortable experience. If you're using DermMimcro HD pigments and the DermMicro pen, you know they will leave happy with the great results regardless, but you can make it that much better by putting their comfort first.