Scalp Oil

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Most of us in the SMP industry are used to having to put ointments, such as A&D, down on a clients' scalps to help avoid pigment absorption in the clients hair. 

Pigment absorbing into the clients hair is especially problematic when dealing with longer hair.  Using something like A&D or other thick ointments isn't really an option.  It is very difficult to rid the hair of those thicker substances.  This is where Scalp Oil stands alone in it's ability to create a protective barrier around hair and the client's scalp and yet washes away easily with green soap or any soap water mixture you're using. 

Made with similar ingredients to A&D Ointment, plus essential oils for antibacterial properties, you'll wonder how you got along without it for so long. 

Since DermiMatch Labs developed it, about 8 months ago, we have been using it on all of our client's here at DermiMatch Hair Clinic, and we love it.  We use it for all clients, both thinning hair and completely bald clients.

•  Made with Essential Oils - Antibacterial

•  Recommended for all scalp jobs, not just thinning hair.

•  Thinned formula makes it easier to use than A&D and it cleans up a lot faster.