Zero Shine 2.0 by DermMicro for matte or mattifying effect on scalp after SMP Scalp Micropigmentation

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• 2.6 Oz (3-5 month supply)
• 6 Oz (6-10 month supply)
• SPF 50 (2.6 oz) version of Zero Shine.
• SPF 50 (2.6 oz) version of Zero Shine.

After getting Scalp Micropigmentation done, you will be so excited to see your new look and you'll feel confident for the first time in a long time.  However, after the initial luster (pun intended) wears off, you will start to notice that the shininess of your head is causing your new "hair" to not look so realistic.  When you see people with actual real hair that's been shaved down, you'll notice that their scalp is not as shiny as yours.  Zero Shine has solved this problem by allowing you to remove the shine from your head and mattify it for over 24 hours.  It can be worn in the pool as it is waterproof.  It is an all natural moisturizer. Preserve your scalp and SMP procedure while also giving it a matte effect with Zero Shine.
  • Remove Shine
  • Anti-Shine
  • Mattifying (matte scalp)
  • For a matte finish on any shiny or oily skin. No drying chemicals are used.  Stays on skin for 48 hours.  This specially formulated wax has everything you need to protect your scalp and oily skin with a matte finish.



Zero Shine helps stop shine on a bald head.  With no hair to absorb your scalp oil, and no follicles to texturize the top of one's head to diffuse light, you need to add that microscopic texture with Zero Shine by DermiMatch.


The 6 oz container is a 6 - 9 month supply


  1. Remove cap
  2. Twist up in a clockwise motion to move the Zero Shine up.
  3. Rub onto the shiny area in a  circular motion
  4. Then use your hand to pat Zero Shine onto your head which creates the anti-glare matte effect.


Re-apply as needed.  Without any sweating or water on the head, Zero Shine can last up to a full 24 hours after first application.


Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Vitamin E Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Jojoba Oil, Demineralized Water


Additional ingredients in Zero Shine 2.0 +SPF:  AvoBenzone 2.9% Homosalate 14.7% Octisalate 4.9% Octocrylene 7.6%


For bald heads, bald scalp shine, and shiny heads.


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