The Complete DermMicro Kit (HD) + Practice Head: For Scalp Micropigmentation Professionals

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Now comes with a free Practice Head and a sample of DermMicro Scalp Oil.

The new DM HD Kit has all of the benefits of the legacy SMP kit, but with more power and high density precision needles and high density pigments.

The Complete Scalp Micropigmentation Kit by DermMicro gives you everything you need in order to start performing superior scalp micropigmentation (smp) procedures as compared to the competition.  Most of your competition will be using tattoo guns and black ink.  These eventually lead to dark blue blotchy results.  The DM HD Kit has the improved DM Pen, and high density pigments (HD) along with the new HD needles that allow you to deliver extremely precise points that will last longer than the competition.   

Included are: Pigments: All 3 HD pigments (three 0.5 oz bottles), HD-C, HD-M, and HD-B (enough for over 60 heads).  HD Needles: 20 pack of the new super fine HD needles (5 HD-3 needles, 5 HD-7 needles, 5 HD-9 needles, and 5 HD-14), 10 silicon ink caps, 1 Scalp Micropigmentation Machine (the DM pen with alternate (legacy) handpiece), 1 Power supply, 1 Foot pedal).

The HD kit also includes a practice instructional guide for those that are new to scalp micropigmentation (SMP) along with marking pencils for drawing hairlines and sterile pen covers.

Please note: the legacy handpiece will allow you to switch between the new HD needles and the older model legacy needles.   

With the patented custom handpiece, you will be able to change out the grip to fit either the Legacy DermiMatch needles or the new HD Needles.

Video demonstration on how to use each product within the DM HD Kit can be found on and under the DermiMatch channel.

Each DermMicro HD pigment is an improvement upon the unique blend perfected by DermiMatch Hair Clinic back in 2006. It is a combination of a fibrous structural protein called Keratin and specific organic pigments to give the natural look of actual hair stubble from distance as well as up-close. For this reason, DermMicro HD pigment is preferred by most transplant doctors that also perform scalp micropigmentation (SMP) for their clients. It is guaranteed to not blur, migrate, or change color.

Place of origin:

DermiMatch LLC has sourced each element of the DermiMatch kit based on the manufacturers and laboratories that could deliver the highest quality while utilizing the latest technology for the DermiMatch equipment specifically designed for Scalp Micropigmentation.

Precision steel needle tips: Engineered and manufactured in Dresden, Germany

Pigments (SMP inks): DermiMatch Lab in Hayward, CA USA

DermiMatch Power Supply and Pedal: Busan, South Korea

Needle casing: DeForest, Wisconsin USA

Ultra quiet DermiMatch Pen motor: Dresden, Germany

All containers/packaging: Pennsylvania, USA

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