Zero Shine Remover (ZSR)

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Introducing Zero Shine Remover (ZSR) - 4 oz size.

Many people that wanted to have a matte look on the scalp and were sick of a shiny head turned to Zero Shine.  With Zero Shine's incredible mattifying power and the ability to be waterproof and have a matte effect that can last over 24 hours, surely there must be a caveat, right?   Yes, and it's this: Zero Shine is difficult to remove.  "So what!" you might say. 

"Why would I want to remove it?"  The biggest reason one would want Zero Shine removed is because it is difficult to shave your head with Zero Shine on there.  Also, just from a hygiene stand-point, you don't want to just keep piling on Zero Shine everyday. 

"But, why can't I just use soap and water?" I hear you say.  Well, soap and water might get you half way there, but then it would also take rubbing your head with a micro fiber towel after words.  Did I mention it's hard to remove Zero Shine?  Because of these factors, we developed Zero Shine to take the hassle out of removing the amazing shiny head mattifying that is Zero Shine: 


Simply coat the tip of your finger with Zero Shine Remover (ZSR) and rub it on the areas that have Zero Shine on them. You can then either go in the shower and rinse the ZSR off or get a towel wet and rub the ZSR off.  Once the ZSR is off, you will notice your head has been restored to it's old shiny self.

"Why is it called 3-in-1?"

1. Lotion/Moisturizer:  When you apply ZSR to your Zero Shine covered head, the Zero Shine is broken down and start to feel like a lotion on your head.  This makes it so you can just leave it on your head as a lotion, or just wipe it off.

2. Remover/Cleanser: After you've rubbed the ZSR on your head, it is now easy to wipe off with a towel or rinse off in a sink or in the shower.

3. Primer: After apply ZSR and then wiping it off, your head is still in a moisturized state, which is great for a new application of Zero Shine.  The moisturizing effects of ZSR help a new application of Zero Shine to stay on the scalp and not dry out.


Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Isomyst, Dimethiconol, Polysorbate 20, Carbomer, Caprylyl Glycol