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6 SMP Facts YOU Didn’t Know

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

What are the SMP facts you are not aware of? Well, you already know that scalp micropigmentation is a technique that creates an illusion of a scalp full of shortly cropped hair. The procedure involves injecting pigments into the scalp and makes a less invasive alternative for those that wish to avoid highly invasive surgeries for hair restoration. Besides, with SMP aftercare, you can ensure quick recovery. Scalp micropigmentation promises to give you the desired hair volume after the procedure.

What are 6 SMP Facts?

  1. No fading

No, scalp micropigmentation does not fade away easily. Get it done from reputable SMP experts, and the pigment will look like real hair on your scalp. People might wonder if you have got your hair back because nobody can point it out. So, rest assured that SMP will remain your best kept secret unless you choose to expose it. However, it is in your best interest to go for a touch-up after some years to keep the look fresh.

  1. It’s permanent

Many people do not know that scalp micropigmentation produces permanent results. with the right SMP aftercare, you can continue to enjoy the results for a lifetime without worrying too much about fading of the pigment.

The procedure creates a realistic look with hundreds of micro dots injected underneath the remote layer of the scalp.

  1. It’s painless

Unlike other hair restoration procedures, such as a surgery, SMP is a painless procedure. Some people might feel nothing at all while the scalp artist is at work. But a few clients might get a sense of discomfort when the microneedle pricks their scalp.

  1. It does not spur hair growth

If you plan to go for scalp micropigmentation with a hope to regrow your hair, then it’s better not to do it. The procedure does not stimulate the growth of hair. Rather, it only creates an impression of closely shaved hair or a buzz cut. You want to choose the procedure only to hide the look of baldness or receding hair. What’s more, you may not regrow your hair but will certainly regain your confidence after SMP.

  1. Two-three sessions needed

You might require two or three sessions for the completion of the procedure. It is crucial to protect your scalp to avoid the direct rays of the sun from hitting it. Any exposure to heat might cause fading in the initial stages. Luckily, with scalp aftercare, you can avoid fading easily. There are scalp lotions to slather on your scalp after the session that can shield your head from exposure to air or heat and avoid fading.

  1. It is safe

One of the SMP facts that many people are not aware of is that it is a safe procedure as it does not involve deep invasions, unlike a hair transplant surgery. That means you can reduce the chances of infections drastically. Additionally, there are some of the best SMP aftercare products on the market that can come in handy.  Scalp Aftercare from DermMicro is one of the best products to take care of your scalp after the procedure. The package comes complete with a lotion, a cleansing shampoo, a healing ointment. Besides, you will also get a sample of Zero Shine to take care of that shining scalp following SMP. It is one of the most mattifying solutions to hide the shininess.


Scalp micropigmentation is an innovative realistic hair loss solution, which has a lot of advantages over other hair restoration procedures available. Get your hands on Scalp Aftercare today to give your scalp the best protection after the procedure. All of the products use natural ingredients that are chemical free and do more than heal your skin after scalp micropigmentation.


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